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How to File a User Report

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 10:41AM PST

How to File a User Report

Learn how to report violations of Twitch's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

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If you come across a broadcaster or user on Twitch whom you feel has violated Twitch's Terms of Service (ToS) or Community Guidelines (CG), you have the ability to send a report to our moderation team for review.

If a user is violating the CG or ToS via whispers with you and you wish to report them, click here to learn how to do so.

Locating the Report Tool

To report a broadcaster:

  1. Click the three dot icon in the bottom right below the video player on the channel, highlight, and past broadcast pages. 
  2. Click the Report option to open the "Report User" form in the page. If you are currently on the mobile app, please switch to a browser version of the user page you wish to report.

To report a user in chat:

  1. Click on their name in chat
  2. Click and then the Report option will open the "Report User" form in the page.

Filling Out the User Report Form

You can generate a report to send to our moderation team for review by filling out the report form.

Note: Abuse of the User Report Tool constitutes a violation of our Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct. Accounts associated with such activity may be suspended.

To fill out the form:

1) Begin by selecting the reason why you are submitting a report in the first place. The available options for reasons are:

  • Site Suspension Evasion: The reported user is suspended on an associated account and evading a site-wide Twitch suspension via the creation of, use of, or presence on this account.
  • Chat Ban Evasion: The reported user is evading a chat ban of an associated account. 
  • Self-Harm: The reported user has threatened, attempted, or is at risk of self-inflicted harm or death. Such activity may include suicide threats, intentional physical harm, use of illegal drugs, or drinking in excess.
  • Attempts or Threats to Harm: The reported user has threatened, attempted, or claimed responsibility for harm of another person. Such activity may include threats of violence or death, DDOS attacks, or posting someone’s address with the intent to stalk or SWAT them.
  • Harassment: The reported user is directly harassing another person. Such activity may include posting abusive comments, raiding a channel with hostile intent, and non consensual sexual advances.
  • Hate Speech: The reported user has used threatening or derogatory language against a person or persons based on their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, or nationality.
  • Offensive Username: The reported user's username violates the Rules of Conduct. Such violations may include general hate speech, harassment of another person, or threats to harm.
  • Impersonation: The reported user has attempted to misrepresent themselves as another person, organization, or as a member of Twitch Staff, Admins, or Global Moderators.
  • Spam, Scams, or Other Malicious Content: The reported user has attempted to disrupt Twitch services or another user's use of Twitch services. Such activity may include chat spam, unauthorized advertisements, phishing, sharing malware or viruses, intentionally miscategorizing their channel, or selling moderator status.
  • Porn or Other Sexually Explicit Content: The reported user has displayed content involving nudity, sexual intercourse, pornography, or overtly sexual attire on their channel.
  • Gore or Other Obscene Content: The reported user has shared extremely gory or violent content with the intent to offend or harass others.
  • Underaged (person under the age of 13): The reported user is, is being used by, or is featuring someone under the age of 13 on their account.
  • Cheating in Online Game: The reported user is cheating, hacking, or tampering with an online multiplayer game.
  • Prohibited Game: The reported user is broadcasting a game listed on the List of Prohibited Games.
  • Non-Gaming Content: The reported user is broadcasting non-gaming content in a gaming-related category. Such content may include movies/films, TV shows, music videos, general web-browsing, and use of randomized live-video sites (chatroulette, omegle, etc...).
  • Creative Conduct Violation: The reported user is broadcasting content in the Creative directory that violates the Rules of Conduct for Creative.
  • Music Conduct Violation: The reported user is broadcasting content in the Music directory that violates the Rules of Conduct for Music. Such content may include music videos, music games, or radio-style broadcasts (music & static images/visualizations).
  • Other Terms of Service Violation: If your report does not fall under any of the above topics, select this and be as detailed as possible in the following field.

2) Once you have selected a reason, you must include an accurate description of the issue in the Description field before submitting. The more detail, the better, so please provide as much verifiable information as possible, such as:

  • Date, time w/ timezone, and description of the violation
  • Where the violation occurred and/or the type of content
    • Examples: Live broadcast, VOD, chat message, private message or whisper, title, profile content, or panel content.
  • Target of the violation
    • Examples: The person being harassed or channel the user was banned from.
  • Content showing the violation
    • Examples: Link to VOD with timestamp, screenshot, or chat log.
  • Game
    • Useful for Cheating in Online Game or Prohibited Game report categories.
3) Click Send! All reports are subject to review by our Moderation team. If Moderation determines a violation has occurred, a suspension will be issued to the associated accounts or the report will be escalated for further review.