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Clip Champs Guide

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2018 10:49AM PST
This article explains what Clip Champs is, how to become a Clip Champ, and other useful information.

Clip Champs Guide

This article explains what Clip Champs is, how to become a Clip Champ, and other useful information.

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What is Clip Champs?

Clip Champs allows you to earn recognition for supporting your favorite creators by making and sharing clips. At the 1st of every month, users who achieved Clip Champ status during the previous month will be notified. These Clip Champs will receive an exclusive channel badge that, when equipped, appears when you chat in the channel where you’ve earned Clip Champ status.

Additionally, your Clip Champ status will also appear next to your handle on the viewing pages for your clips of that channel as well as on the game directories and the clips tab of that channel page. The Clip Champ badge lets the community know that a user has consistently supported a creator’s channel by making and sharing high-quality clips.

How to become a Clip Champ

To become a Clip Champ for a channel, you must create at least 1 clip per week for that channel and receive at least 50 total views across all those clips. Then, on the 1st of the next month, you will be notified for achieving Clip Champ status for that channel.

Remember, your Clip Champ status will reset after a month, so be sure to continue supporting your favorite creators by creating and sharing clips to maintain your Clip Champ status. Pro tip: clips that are trimmed, titled, and most importantly, shared with others (on social media, in chat, etc.) tend to receive more views.

For detailed instructions on how to create clips, visit the How to Use Clips page.

How to equip the Clip Champ channel badge

The Clip Champ channel badge is currently only able to be equipped and unequipped from desktop devices. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the channel for which you’ve received Clip Champ status.
  2. Open the chat settings by clicking the settings cog in the chat window.
  3. In the chat settings that appear, click “Edit Appearance.”
  4. Click the Clip Champ badge in the “Channel Badge” section.
  5. Refresh the page. The Clip Champ badge will now appear next to your name in chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How can I track my progress toward becoming a Clip Champ?
    • A. We are currently actively exploring ways to provide viewers with a simple method for tracking their progress toward becoming a Clip Champ. In the meantime, viewers can use the Clips Manager to see the number of views for their clips.
  • Q. I’m a Twitch creator. What are the benefits of having Clip Champs for my channel?
    • A. Clips is a simple way for any viewer to help your channel grow by reaching and engaging audiences with short, bite-sized videos that showcase exciting, interesting moments from a creator’s content. Clip Champs are viewers who consistently create and share engaging clips, so the more Clip Champs are a part of your community, the more viewers you have who can support you by curating the best of your content to new and existing audiences.