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How to Use Raids

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 02:09PM PDT
This article provides information and some frequently asked questions on Raids.

How to Use Raids

This article provides information and some frequently asked questions on Raids.

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Raids help streamers send their viewers to another live channel at the end of their stream to introduce their audience to a new channel and have a little fun along the way.

Raiding a channel at the end of your stream can be a great way to help another streamer grow his or her community.

The /raid command makes it easier for you to start a raid and for your viewers to join. You’ll also have tools to manage raids and can see information on who recently raided their channel.

How do Raids work?

Starting a Raid as a creator is straightforward. First, let your viewers know you’re going to start a raid and then share a chat message that you want your viewers to paste in the channel when they arrive.

To start a Raid, type /raid followed by the name of the channel that you want to raid (e.g. /raid twitchpresents to raid the twitchpresents channel). Only you and your channel editors can start a raid this way.

After you type /raid, you will see a pinned chat message with a 10-second countdown along with an inactive Raid Now button. After 10 seconds, you can click Raid Now to execute the raid. If you don’t click Cancel or Raid Now within 80 seconds, the raid will automatically begin. Your viewers will see a pinned chat message letting them know they are joining a Raid. Viewers may leave a raid at any time by click the "Leave" button on the pinned message.

Starting Oct. 9, we began rolling out a new Collaboration widget on the Live Dashboard that allows you to search for a specific channel and view suggestions for who to raid/host.

Note: Didn’t mean to start a raid? No worries, you can cancel the raid during the countdown by clicking the Cancel button in the pinned chat message or typing /unraid into your chat.

When the countdown ends, you and your raiders will be sent to the channel you’re raiding. At the same time, people in the channel you’re raiding will see a chat message “<Your channel> is raiding with a party of <number of raiders>.”

You will also automatically start hosting the channel that you’re raiding so viewers who have not joined the raid will have something to watch.

Joining a Raid as a viewer is possible through both the website and the Twitch mobile app. When a streamer starts a raid, you’ll see a pinned chat message “<Channel A> is raiding <Channel B>”

If you are viewing the channel you will be automatically entered into the Raid. You, the streamer, and other raiders will be sent over to the other channel when the streamer clicks Raid Now. If the streamer doesn’t click Cancel or Raid Now within 90 seconds, you, the streamer, and other raiders will be sent over to the other channel.

Note: Remember to write a fun chat message in the new chat to let the raided channel know that you’re part of the raid.

If you do not wish to take part in the Raid, you may leave the raid before the countdown ends by clicking the Leave button to remain on your current channel.

Should you change your mind about leaving the Raid, you may join again by clicking the Join button in the pinned message.

How can I see who recently raided me?

A list of recent raids can be accessed via your chat settings.

Once there, select Recent Raids to see a list of channels that have raided you in the past 24 hours:

What if I have a bad raid experience?

While the vast majority of raids are positive, we understand that sometimes people aren’t the friendliest and can be bothersome. We have provided you with the following tools to manage undesirable raids:

Manage incoming raids

You can visit your dashboard settings to manage incoming raids. By default, your channel will accept all incoming raids, but you can choose to allow only raids from your network (friends, teammates, and followed channels) or even disable all incoming raids.

Note: These settings only cover raids started with the /raid command.


It is important to remember that raids are a great way to help you grow your community, so we encourage you to give it a try.

Shut down a raid with follower-only chat

If you want to shut down an incoming raid for any reason, you can turn on Followers-Only Chat to prevent non-followers from chatting. To turn on Follower-Only Chat:

  • Click the gear icon in chat to open chat settings.
  • Click the checkbox for Follower-Only chat and set the minimum time that people need to follow before they can chat.

Report or ban a raiding channel

You can also report or ban the raiding channel for an offensive or inappropriate raid. To report or ban a raiding channel:

  • Click the gear icon in chat to open chat settings.
  • Click on Recent raids to see a list of channels that have recently raided you
  • Click on Ban or Report next to the channel you want to ban or report. People that you have banned will not be able to raid you again.

Other options to manage harassment in chat

You and your channel moderators can also timeout individual raiders in chat. If you do not have any moderators, you can also turn on AutoMod to manage risky chat messages. Learn more about managing harassment in chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do I choose which channel to raid?
    • A. You can raid any channel you want. To maximize the positive impact from a raid, we recommend raiding people with the same or fewer viewers than you. Raiding your peers can be an easy way to share audiences and raiding a smaller streamer just might make their day!

      Still not sure who to raid? Pick someone who streams something similar to you or a friend you met through chat.

  • Q. How do I respond to incoming raids?
    • A. If you get raided, here are a few tips to capture the attention of the raiders:
      • Thank the streamer and raiders for joining.
      • Introduce yourself to the raiders - keep it short, be genuine and talk about what your channel is about. If you know the person raiding you, introduce them to your community too.

      With a bit of luck, your raiders will stick around or even follow you. The next time you stream, try raiding the streamer that raided you to share the fun.

  • Q. Do raids work on mobile?
    • A. Yes. You can start raids as a streamer or editor and join raids as a viewer on mobile devices.
  • Q. Can I raid without hosting the other channel?
    • A. No, as part of the raid, you’ll automatically host the channel that you’re raiding. You can always change this after the raid.
  • Q. Where can I see who’s raided me and how many raids I’ve received?
    • A. To see which channels raided you, click on Recent Raids in your chat settings. For the number of raids you received during a recent stream, go to your Stream Summary.