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Twitch Chat Badges Guide

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018 01:08PM PST
This article provides a breakdown of what the various Chat Badges are, and a brief introduction on what Emoticons are.

Twitch Chat Badges Guide

This article provides a breakdown of what the various Chat Badges are, and a brief introduction on what Emoticons are.

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There are different levels of Moderators and support found on Twitch and Twitch's social media. To avoid confusion, here is a list of all chat badge types, ranging from users to staff. No other labels are officially sanctioned by Twitch.

User-Type Chat Badges

Twitch Staff: These are the fine folk who make Twitch tick. Say hello!

Admins: Paid personnel who review grief reports and enforce our Terms of Service. In short, they help us keep Twitch safe and fun.

Global Moderators: A Global Moderator is basically a Super Channel Moderator: all the privileges of a Channel Moderator across all Channels on the site. Global Moderators are volunteers who have extensive experience and knowledge of all things Twitch. They are here to help!

Broadcasters: This is the owner of the Channel that you are currently visiting on Twitch. Broadcasters have the ability to enforce chat rules for their Channel and appoint/remove Channel Moderators.

Chat Moderator: A member with this icon is a Moderator of the Channel you are currently visiting. They are selected by the Channel owner and have the ability to time out, ban, and enable slow or Subscriber-only mode in this chat.

Verified: A member with this icon is a Twitch Verified user. The Verified Badge uses the same global badge slot shared by Twitch Prime, Turbo, Bits, or other badges received from a Twitch Crate opening, not the slot that occupies Broadcaster, Mod, or the others above. All Partners will be automatically granted access to the Verified Badge, and a policy on which additional users might qualify for this badge is coming in the future.

VIP: These are users recognized by streamers as loyal members of their community. VIPs are immune to chat and channel moderation settings, although they are still able to be moderated directly by a channel moderator.

Subscription Chat Badges

These are badges available via purchasing subscriptions to various programs on Twitch.

Turbo User: A subscriber of Twitch's monthly premium user service. More information can be found here.

Twitch Prime User: A Subscriber of Twitch's premium user service with additional benefits. More information can be found here.

There are also Cheering Chat Badges. Cheering shows your support for the Partner just like subscriptions do, and as you Cheer in a channel, you earn Cheer Chat Badges for that channel so that your support is recognized.

Your Cheer Chat Badge lasts indefinitely but will only appear in the channel where you earned it. While currently, Cheer Chat Badges represent the total number of Bits you have used to Cheer in that channel, broadcasters will be able to reset badges in the future. Learn more about Cheering here.

You will also find various versions of Subscriber Loyalty Badges for certain lengths of time users have been subscribed for.

Chat Emoticons

During your time interacting with chats on Twitch you will notice various Emoticons. There are thousands to be discovered, and include Global Emoticons and Subscriber Emoticons that you can unlock by subscribing to a Broadcaster, and Twitch Prime Emoticons that you receive for subscribing to Twitch Prime.

Emoticons play a heavy role in the Twitch culture and we encourage you to join in.