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Twitch Prime Program FAQ

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 02:16PM PST
This article provides answers to some frequently question asked questions on the Twitch Prime Program.

Twitch Prime Program FAQ

This article provides answers to some frequently question asked questions on the Twitch Prime Program.

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Operating the Twitch Prime program for over a year, we’ve witnessed the community go crazy for Fortnite, open Overwatch Loot Boxes, link their EA and Twitch accounts to obtain Madden in-game specials, and we’ve also read comments from the community on Reddit and Youtube that show us that folks remain confused about the enrollment process or streamers are unsure about how to react to free subs from Prime.

We wrote these FAQs to tackle some of the open comments, clarify the enrollment process, and present additional information regarding how Twitch Prime works. You can find more information about the Twitch Prime program here.

For the Community at Large

  • Q. How many Prime subs can I use per month?
    • A. One per valid Prime or Prime Video subscription every month. (It is very unusual to have more than one personal Prime or Prime Video subscription, and it’s considered abuse of Amazon services to have multiple trials in a short period.)

      Note: Prime free trials get one sub, and Prime Students get one sub during a 6 month free trial.

  • Q. How many Amazon Prime or Prime Video free trials can I use in a year?
    • A. Typically one. Free trials are for new customers. If you use the same account as the one you first signed up with, Amazon will let you know if you are eligible for a new free trial. If you have more than one free trial per year because you’ve registered multiple Amazon accounts you are not considered a new customer and you are considered to be misusing Amazon services.
  • Q. Is it okay to use fake information to sign up for Amazon to get Twitch Prime benefits?
    • A. No, it is a violation of both Amazon and Twitch Terms of Service. For Amazon, you need a valid form of payment, even for a free trial.
  • Q. Can I sell Twitch Prime benefits, accounts, or entitlements?
    • A. No. Twitch Prime is for personal use and selling Prime benefits is a violation of Amazon Prime Terms.
  • Q. Is abusing Twitch Prime a victimless crime?
    • A. No. The loss reduces available resources for the program to get more great content that affects all participants in the program.
  • Q. Can I get suspended for socializing how to illegitimately obtain Twitch Prime?
    • A. Yes. You can get suspended for socializing, encouraging, or otherwise promoting others to violate the Terms of Service.
  • Q. Can I make another Twitch account if I was banned for Twitch Prime abuse?
    • A. No. This is a violation of the Twitch Terms of Service, section 2, as you are considered “a blocked person”.
  • Q. Can I appeal a Twitch Prime abuse suspension?
    • A. Yes. We review at them on a case by case. Email us using the issue “an account suspension” and click here for more information. There is no guaranteed response time.
  • Q. What happens if a Twitch Prime sub was spent from my account but I didn’t do it?
    • A. Immediately report these and any other odd purchases (i.e. BITS or paid subs) to Twitch customer service via email using the “unauthorized / unrecognized payment charges” issue. Change your password(s), and consider changing them every 3 months. Don’t share passwords between accounts or services. Sign up for 2 Factor Authentication for purchases.

For Affiliates and Partners

  • Q. Can I ask my followers to send me Twitch Prime subs?
    • A. Yes, absolutely, but don’t encourage misuse or fraud.
  • Q. Should I ban users who issue me Twitch Prime subs?
    • A. No, as it’s a legitimate source of revenue. But if you suspect the source is not legitimate you should report suspected fraud or abuse to customer service via email using issue “other issue or question.” Please report the time and date and user(s) if available.
  • Q. Is it okay to use services selling Twitch Prime subs?
    • A. No. If you get a whisper or see a message selling Prime subs you should report immediately to moderation.
  • Q. I received an email warning about abuse, what do I do?
    • A. Reply and comply. The warning will ask you to report unusual behavior. You should acknowledge you received the message.
  • Q. Will I get suspended if my Twitch Prime subs revenue derives from fraudulent subs?
    • A. Any unusual revenue triggers an investigation on our side. The outcome of the investigation will inform any further actions on our end.
  • Q. Will I get paid out for illicit Twitch Prime subs?
    • A. No. Some subscription revenue is ineligible to be paid as these subscriptions were created in a manner that violates our terms associated with the Twitch Prime program.
  • Q. Should I report abnormal Twitch Prime subs behavior?
    • A. Absolutely. If you believe you are being trolled, you should report it immediately with as much information as possible.