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How to Use Extensions

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017 01:35PM PDT
This article provides information around Extensions on Twitch and how you can begin to use them.

How to Use Extensions

This article provides information around Extensions on Twitch and how you can begin to use them.

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Extensions provide interactive experiences directly on the Twitch video player and in the panels region that are built by 3rd party developers. They allow for two-way communication and interactivity between the streamer, viewers, and the game being played, providing you with a brand new interactive viewing experience.

Installing, Configuring, Activating and Disabling Extensions

Enabling an Extension is a three step process including installation, configuration and activation, be sure to follow all three steps noted below.

Installing Extensions

To get started with Extensions you will first need to head to the Extension Manager in your broadcaster dashboard. On the left hand navigation you will find the Extension Manager. Once you are there you will be presented with a two column view that shows your currently installed Extensions and Extensions that are available for you to install.

If this is your first time checking out the Extension Manager you will have no currently installed Extensions.

Extensions in the “Available Extensions” column will be displayed with the Extension name, a description of the Extension, the type of integration (overlay or panel), a details button and an install button like below:

The details button will take you to a more detailed description of the Extension where you will also generally be able to find screenshots of the Extension in action.

This page will also provide some additional information such as the Extension version number, a contact method for support, the Extension type (overlay or panel) and the developer’s privacy policy and end user license agreement or other legal terms for the Extension if applicable.

After you have found an Extension you like and want to install for your channel, simply click the “Install” button either on the Extension Manager or Extensions Details page.

From here you will be presented with a modal pop-up informing you that your Extension installation was successful with an option to either configure the Extension or continue browsing.

If you choose to continue browsing you will be able to configure the Extension at a later time by navigating to the list of “Installed Extensions” in your Extension Manager and clicking the cogwheel icon under the respective Extension.

Configuring Extensions

Each Extension will have a unique configuration flow; we recommend you take your time reading the information presented during the configuration process.

Some Extensions may also allow for further configuration once activated via your broadcaster dashboard.

Please note - Twitch Support will not be able to provide assistance with the configuration of Extensions as they are developed by third-party developers. If you do happen to run into any issues while configuring an Extension, please reach out to the developer via the contact method provided on the Extension’s Details page.

Activating Extensions

After configuration, activate your Extension in the Extension Manager. Extensions will not show on your channel page until activated. To activate an Extension you will need to be on the Extension Manager page.

Under your “Installed Extensions” you will see a purple “Activate” button under the respective Extension. Simply click this and you will prompted to set it under a slot.

The maximum number of Extensions you may have active at a time is limited to 3 Panel Extensions and 1 Overlay Extension (for a total of 4 Extensions).

If one of your Panel slots is already occupied by another Extension you can either replace it by setting the Extension to use that slot, or you can add a new panel under the “Activate” drop down menu.

If all of your activation slots are currently in use, you will be required to replace an active Extension.

Once you have set the Extension to an active slot everything is ready.

If you have activated a Panel Extension you will be able to see this active in your panels on your channel page (these panels can be moved around just like any other panel).

If you have activated an Overlay Extension this will only be visible once you are live and will be displayed over your live video.

Disabling Extensions

If you no longer need a specific Extension you can simply deactivate or uninstall it at any time. If you plan on potentially using it again in the future we would recommend you simply deactivate in order to ensure any configuration settings are kept. You can deactivate an active Extension via your Extension Manager by clicking “Deactivate” on the respective Extension.

Once you have deactivated an Extension it will return back to the pre-activation state and can be reactivated again at any time.

If you feel like you are not going to use this specific Extension again you can uninstall it by clicking the trash icon. This will remove the Extension from your Installed Extensions list. Please note that we cannot guarantee your configuration settings will be saved for future use if you uninstall an Extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed below some frequently asked questions regarding Extensions on Twitch.

  • Q. Where can I find available Extensions that I can enable on my channel?
  • Q. How many Extensions can I have active at a time?
    • A. You may have 3 Panel Extensions and 1 Overlay Extension active at a time.
  • Q. Are Extensions built by Twitch?
    • A. While the underlying technology powering this is built by Twitch, most Extensions are built by 3rd party developers. You can learn more, as well as find support information for the developer to provide feedback or bug reports, by clicking on the name links described below:

      Video Overlay Integration - For Extensions that utilize a video overlay you can reach the Extension page by hovering over the video player. Upon doing so you will be presented with a puzzle icon in the bottom right corner. Hovering over this icon will display the name of the Overlay Extension currently enabled for this channel.

      Clicking the puzzle icon will bring up a menu providing options to view details of the Extension, manage the Extensions access, and report the Extension.

      You will be able to find contact information for the developer under the “View Details” option.

      Panel Integration - Below the integration panel you will find an attribution bar that contains the name of the Extension.

      Simply click the name of the Extension to be taken to the Extension page which will display information about the Extension and a contact method for the developers to which you can provide your feedback.

  • Q. Do Extensions have access to the same information about me as Twitch?
    • A. By default, to protect Twitch users’ privacy, Extensions do not have access to viewers’ Twitch usernames. Some Extensions have features that require sharing your Twitch username, such as a leaderboard and your position on it at that moment. Access to this information can be granted to the Extension if you wish to do so by clicking the puzzle icon when hovering over the video player or the grant permissions button in a panel. To learn more about the Extensions program’s data practices, see our privacy policy.

      You may revoke an Extension’s access at anytime via the connections page in your Twitch Settings.

  • Q. I am not a fan of Extensions, can I disable them as a viewer?
    • A. We want to allow channel owners to customize the experience for their entire viewer base which means Extensions are set by the channel owner and they will ultimately have the choice if an Extension is active on their channel or not. While some Extensions may provide the ability to hide / disable them on the user side, not all will have this option.

      If this is an issue we would recommend you voice your thoughts to the developer of the Extension to include this option.

  • Q. Will Extensions be usable on the mobile apps, mobile browsers and console apps (etc)?
    • A. Not at this time, but we are working on bringing Extensions to mobile devices soon.
  • Q. I am interested in developing an Extension, where do I start?