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Custom Bit Badges Guide

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017 12:12PM PDT

Custom Bit Badges Guide

This article explains how to customize Cheer Chat Badge Tiers and upload Custom Bit Badges for Partners.

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Partners can replace Bit Badges with their own custom designs for their channel, starting with the 1,000 Bit Badge up to the top level, a 1,000,000 Bit Badge. This allows even more customization within a channel which allows an even greater amount of branding that can be done to match your vision for your channel.

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Customize Cheer Chat Badge Tiers
How to upload a Custom Bit Badge
Frequently Asked Questions
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To change settings related to Cheer Chat Badges, go to your Dashboard, then choose the Partner Settings tab, then scroll down to find Cheer Chat Badge Settings.

Here you will choose which Cheer Chat Badges are enabled in your channel. Viewers unlock badges based on total Bits used to Cheer for you. The highest unlocked enabled badge will appear next to viewers' names. All badges are on by default, but you can choose which chat badges your channel supports. Simply untoggle the Badge Tiers you would like to ignore. By default, the Chat Badge Tiers will look like this:


  • Click Edit on any Chat Badge Tier to begin to select that tier to upload new badge images, which will show instead of the default image in your channel.
  • You will need each badge image as a .png in three sizes: 18 x 18px, 36 x 36px, and 72 x 72px.
  • Simply click in each box to open a file picker, or drag the appropriately-sized emote to their slot, like so:


  • As soon as you upload your new badges and click "Save Changes", they will be available for your community. For those viewers that already have a Bit badge, they will have to Cheer once for their badge to be updated to the new custom design.
  • To reset a tier back to the default Bit Badge image, click Edit on the appropriate tier, then click "Reset to Default Badge" below, then "Save Changes".
  • Q: Is this feature available for Affiliates and Partners?
    • A: No, Partners only.
  • Q: What if I find an offensive Badge image?
    • A: As with all user-uploaded content, these images are subject to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Please report the channel with as much information as possible. Partner's Custom Bit Badges can be reset to the global default if found necessary by staff.
  • Q: Are animated Badges supported?
    • A: No. Static PNG images only.

If you encounter any issues with the new Bit badge upload tool, please send bug reports to For any other questions, feel free to file a ticket via (be sure to log in to ensure your Partnership status is noted for expedited assistance).