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Pinned Cheers Guide

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018 04:54PM PST
This article explains what Pinned Cheers are and how Partners and Affiliates can use Pinned Cheers.

Top Cheerers Guide

This article explains what the Top Cheerers is and how Partners and Affiliates can use Pinned Cheers.

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As an expansion to Cheering with Bits, we have added Top Cheerers to replace Pin Top Cheer. Pin Recent Cheer will still be available. In channels that enable Top Cheerers, the top 3 Cheerers for either the week or all-time (set by the streamer) will have their usernames pinned to the top of chat along with total amount of Bits Cheered. Viewers can click on Top Cheerers to expand it and see the top 10 Cheerers, as well as their own ranking. The Top 3 Cheerers will also have exclusive Chat Badges they can proudly show as recognition as one of the streamer’s top supporters.

Partners and Affiliates will be able to opt in or out of the Top Cheerers feature via their dashboard settings. As we continue to build on Cheering, our goal is to add value for your viewers and for you.

How Top Cheerers and Pin Recent Cheer Works

Both Pin Recent Cheer and Top Cheerers can both be toggled on or off anytime via Settings.

Pinned Recent Cheer pins the most recent Cheer to the top of chat. Partners and Affiliates can control how long a Recent Cheer remains pinned (between 5 and 300 seconds) via the Cheers section under Settings.

Channels with Cheering will also be able to display the Top Cheerers, to recognize top contributors either weekly or all-time and grant them exclusive chat badges.

Clicking on the Top Cheerers panel in chat will show the top 10 users and the viewer’s current position.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. When does the Top Cheerers reset if it is set to weekly?
    • A. Midnight Pacific on Sunday night.
  • Q. How does Top Cheerers affect Pin Recent Cheer?
    • A. Both features can be toggled on or off at any time. If you choose to enable both, the Top Cheerers will stay persistent, and Recent Cheers will temporarily cover the Top Cheerers until it disappears. Recent Cheer Timeout must be set so that each Recent Cheer is dismissed after the number of seconds you choose. We recommend experimenting with this setting to find a time that feels right to you.
  • Q. If I make one of the top 3 spots for Top Cheerers and unlock a badge, how long do I get to keep it?
    • A. If you unlock a Top Cheerer badge, you keep it for as long as you keep that ranking. If you are in the #1 spot, and someone overtakes you, they will get the #1 badge right away, and you will then have the #2 badge until and unless someone overtakes you in the #2 spot. If the creator has Top Cheerers set to ‘weekly’, the leaderboard resets every 7 days on Sunday at midnight Pacific time, at which point all 3 badges disappear until someone Cheers enough to take one of the top 3 spots.
  • Q. Can I turn Top Cheerers off?
    • A.You may turn off Top Cheerers via your dashboard. Once on the Pinned Cheering Settings page, you will see an option to untick Enable Top Cheerers - don’t forget to save your settings.

      For Partners this option will be under Settings > Partner > Pinned Cheering Settings.

      For Affiliates this option will be under Settings > Channel > Pinned Cheering Settings.

  • Q. What happens when a Top Cheerer is banned / unbanned from a channel?
    • A. When a Top Cheerer is banned from a channel their Top Cheer will be removed from the Top Cheerers and everyone below the banned user will move up a spot.

      If the previous Top Cheerer is unbanned they will be eligible to receive their position again should they still be a Top Cheerer. As banned users are not able to Cheer their position may have changed.

    • Note: Please note that only channel bans (indefinite) will affect the Top Cheerer leaderboard. Timeouts will not affect the Top Cheerers leaderboard.

  • Q. Will I still see recent Cheers pinned at the top of chat?
    • A. Yes, recent Cheers will still appear at the top of chat until they expire from view.
  • Q. Can I go back to just having one Top Cheer pinned?
    • A. We have replaced the previous version of Pin Top Cheer with the Top Cheerers leaderboard to recognize more viewers who Cheer. It is not possible to return to the previous version of Pin Top Cheer.