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How to Appeal Flagged Content

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2018 10:09AM PDT
This article explains how to appeal muted audio in VODs.

How to Appeal Flagged Content

This article explains how to appeal muted audio in VODs.

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If you believe one of your videos has been incorrectly flagged by our Audio Recognition system which has resulted in a muted VOD, we offer an appeals process built into the Video Manager section of your Dashboard.

What you cannot appeal

  • You own/streamed the audio

    Buying or streaming audio for personal listening does not give you permission to distribute it on Twitch.

  • You credited the artist

    This is not enough to give you permission to distribute audio belonging to others on Twitch (unless expressly listed in licensing documentation, such as Creative Commons’ “By” attribution cause).

  • In-game Audio

    Audio or music in games may still be separately copyrighted or for limited uses.

How to appeal

1. Click on the dropdown menu of video you would like to appeal. Videos with muted audio have a red muted speaker icon in the upper right corner of the thumbnail.

2. Find the audio track(s) you would like to appeal.

3. Choose the reason for the appeal:

  • My video does not contain the audio identified
  • The audio identified is in the public domain
  • I created and performed the original music without including any third party audio, and own all rights
  • I have permission from all applicable rights holders to use the audio and distribute it on Twitch as part of my video
  • My use of the audio as part of my video on Twitch is fair use
  • No reason

4. Confirm the audio you have selected to appeal.

5. Attest that you have the right to use the flagged audio and submit, along with your legal full name and address.

6. Check your submission.

How to check your appeal status

You can check the status of your appeal by clicking on the appealed video where you will see either Unmuted or Denied. When your video has been reviewed, you will receive an email with the outcome of your appeal.


If you already have a muted video in appeal, you should not submit a new appeal. We will respond to your original appeal (and all appeals) in the order in which it was received.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What are some ways to avoid getting my content flagged and muted?
    • A. The primary way is to make sure the music you are using is copyright-free. The Twitch Music Library is a list of tracks that have been made available on a royalty-free basis to Twitch broadcasters for use exclusively on the Twitch platform within Broadcasters’ video streams. These tracks are able to be used in both live broadcasts and VODs on Twitch.
  • Q. Will my live content be flagged or muted?
    • A. No, this appeals process is strictly for VOD content.