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Pinned Cheers Guide

Last Updated: Apr 21, 2017 10:26AM PDT

Pinned Cheers Guide

This article explains what Pinned Cheers are and how Partners and Affiliates can use Pinned Cheers.

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As an expansion to Cheering with Bits, we have added Pinned Cheers. In participating channels, the most recent Cheer and the highest amount Cheer will automatically be pinned to the top of chat and will stay there until the next Cheer and higher Cheer happens, giving more visibility and recognition to each Cheer message.

Partners and Affiliates will be able to opt in or out of Pinned Cheers via your dashboard settings, but we hope you will give it a try and see if it adds value to your channel.
As we continue to build on Cheering, our goal is to add value for your viewers and for you. We will be gathering feedback here, so please share your experience and suggestions!

How Pinned Cheers Works

The option to Pin Recent Cheer and Pin Top Cheer can both be toggled on or off anytime via Settings.

Pinned Recent Cheers pins the most recent Cheer to the top of chat. Partners and Affiliates can control how long a Recent Cheer remains pinned via the Cheers section under Settings, between 5 and 300 seconds.

Channels with Cheering will also be able to pin the Top Cheer, the highest number of Bits used in a single message, to make it more visible. It is up to the channel owner how long the Top Cheer should appear at the top of their chat. The clock and the tracking can be reset anytime via the Cheers section under Settings.

The area for Pinned Cheers is limited to 2 lines of text so as not to obscure chat, but when the Pinned Cheer is hovered over, the entire message can be seen:


The minimum Bits to Cheer you set for your channel also applies to Pinned Cheers.

Pinned Cheers can be moderated like any other chat message, so the channel owner and mods can keep it classy. Cheers can be unpinned by the person who Cheered, the channel owner or mods by clicking on the trashcan icon, or by typing /unpin in chat:


Note: Cheers can also be unpinned by the person who sends the Cheer.
  • Q: How long does the Top Cheer stay pinned?
    • A: That will be up to you and your mods! You can use chat command /reset or the Reset button in the Settings tab of the dashboard to remove the current Top Cheer and reset the tracking of Top Cheer back to zero.
  • Q: How do I remove a Top Cheer without resetting Top Cheer tracking back to zero?
    • A: Ban or Timeout on the user with the Top Cheer removes the Top Cheer, bans or times out the user, restores the previous Top Cheer message to pinned. As a reminder, /unpin or /unpinrecent unpins the Recent Cheer, but does not affect Top Cheer.
  • Q: How does Pin Top Cheer affect Pin Recent Cheer?
    • A: Both features can be toggled on or off at any time. If you choose to enable both, the Top Cheer will stay persistent, and Recent Cheers will temporarily cover the Top Cheer until it disappears. Recent Cheer Timeout must be set so that each Recent Cheer is dismissed after the number of seconds you choose. We recommend experimenting with this setting to find a time that feels right to you.