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Guide to Cheering with Bits

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2018 11:44AM PST
This article explains what Bits and Cheering are, how to Cheer on Twitch, and other useful information.

Guide to Cheering with Bits

This article explains what Bits and Cheering are, how to Cheer on Twitch, and other useful information.

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Bits are a virtual good you can buy on Twitch that give you the power to encourage and show support for streamers, get attention in chat through animated emoticons, get recognition through badges, leaderboards, and acknowledgement from the streamer, and even unlock loot during special esports events like Overwatch League Cheering. Bits also allow you to chat in Sub Only chat rooms. Keep some on hand so you can join the conversation anytime you want!

Cheering with Bits shows support for streamers and celebrates the moments you love with the community, all right in chat. A Cheer is a chat message that uses Bits. Bits emotes can be used one by one, all at once, or anywhere in between. Using many at once shows more support and creates cooler animated emotes.

Cheering shows your support for the Partner or Affiliate just like subscriptions do, and as you Cheer in a channel, you earn Cheer Chat Badges for that channel so that your support is recognized. Your Cheer Chat Badge lasts indefinitely but will only appear in the channel where you earned it.

Cheering is now available to Twitch channels worldwide, so all Twitch Partners and Affiliates regardless of where they live can enable Cheering on their channels. Cheer settings for Partners are located in the Dashboard -> Partner Settings -> Cheer. For Affiliates they are found in the Dashboard -> Channel -> Cheer.

We are actively working on local payment methods and currencies to support global audiences, but currently Bits may be purchased via Amazon and PayPal payments. It should be noted that international transaction fees may apply in addition to the price of Bits.

So go celebrate amazing moments, show support for streamers, and be recognized!


Cheering: for Partners and Affiliates

Cheering is automatically enabled for all Affiliates, and for most Partners. If you’re a Partner and you don’t have Cheering enabled in your channel, you can opt in via the following instructions:

How to Enable Cheering

  1. Partners navigate to the Partner Settings tab of the dashboard. Affliliates navigate to Channel section in the dashboard.
  2. Scroll down about halfway, and under the Cheer section, click Enable Cheering with Bits
  3. Underneath this section, you will also see configurations for setting up the Cheering experience for your channel (we suggest you set your Cheering configurations before enabling Cheering - see below for more on these settings)

  4. A notification may appear on the option to enable Cheering if you have not yet filled out the correct service tax action forms (you should see a prompt window at the top of the page, simply click Begin and follow the steps to complete this)

  5. Once that is done, review the Cheering Amendment to Content Partner Agreement and then click the tickbox to agree. Cheering is now enabled on your channel!

Bits Threshold Settings

Set the minimum number of Bits needed to send a Cheer message in your channel. For example, if you choose 30, viewers will not be able to send a Cheer message with 29 or fewer Bits. They will need to use at least 30 Bits, either in a single emote, or by combining emotes that add up to at least 30 Bits.

Then, set the smallest Bit Emote that can be used in your channel. For example, if you choose 100, viewers cannot use the gray 1 - 99 Bit Emote and can only Cheer with the purple 100 Bit Emote or higher.


To reduce spam, you can set minimum Bits per message and minimum Bits per Bit emoticon above the default of 1. We recommend starting with the default settings for both and gradually adjust after experiencing how your chat uses Cheering, but larger channels may want higher minimums at the start.


Chat Badge Settings

Choose which Cheer Chat Badges are enabled in your channel. Viewers unlock badges based on total Bits used to Cheer for you. The highest unlocked enabled badge will appear next to viewers' names. All badges are on by default, but you can choose which chat badges your channel supports.


Post something on your channel page so viewers know you now accept Cheers. Make it fun! The more fun you make it the more your viewers will want to use it. Cheering with Bits is an interactive chat feature that brings viewers and broadcasters closer. Talk to your viewers about what they would like to do or see with Cheering in your channel. Develop how Bits are used as a community!

Cheering: for Viewers


How to buy Bits for Cheering

On our desktop website:

  1. You must be logged in to your Twitch account to buy Bits. There are two places on the channel page where you can purchase: the Get Bits button in the upper right corner above the video player, and through the Bits icon at the bottom of chat.
    1. Through the Get Bits button: Click “Get Bits” in the upper right corner of the video player, select the Bits bundle you want to purchase, and follow the instructions.

    2. Through the Bits icon at the bottom of chat: First, click on the Bits icon that appears in the chat message window, just to the left of the Emoticon button, on any channel that has Cheering enabled.

  2. Click Buy and select the bundle of Bits you wish to purchase:

  3. Then choose your desired payment method. We currently accept payments via Amazon payments and PayPal. After selecting a payment method you will be asked to log in and authorize the payment.

  4. Click Continue to review your purchase before clicking Pay Now to process the transaction:

  5. Once your purchase is successful, your Bits are immediately available for use! Note that your account is limited to an inventory of 250,000 Bits at any one time, and you can only buy a maximum of approximately 500,000 Bits per day. You can toggle your Cheering badge off and on using the badge selection tool in the chat cog.

How to get Bits Without Spending (Bits for Ads)

Twitch viewers can earn Bits without spending cash by watching short ads in our mobile apps and our desktop website.

How it works: Mobile

Bits for Ads is available in our iOS and Android mobile apps for viewers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Sweden, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of our apps:
  2. Go to any channel where Bits are activated

    If the button is grayed out and says "Try again later" under it, you are either not in an eligible country or there are no ads available at that time. If it’s not grayed out, click the button.

    1. Click on the chat bar, and click on the Bits icon in the chat entry window.
    2. Click the Get Bits button at the bottom of the menu.
    3. You will see a button at the top that says Watch Ad.
    4. This should launch a short video ad. Watch to completion. You must close the ad after watching to receive Bits.
    5. When complete, you will get a notification that you have earned Bits. It may take a short while for those Bits to appear in your inventory.

How it works: Desktop Website

Bits for Ads is available on our desktop website only for viewers in the US.

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Twitch account.
  2. Go to any channel where Bits are activated
    1. Click on the Bits icon in the chat entry window.
    2. Click the Get Bits button at the bottom of the menu.
    3. If you are eligible to watch an ad for Bits, you will see a button at the top that says Watch Ad. Click this button.
    4. This should launch a short video ad. Watch to completion. Occasionally you may be asked to complete a short survey instead of watching an ad to receive Bits.
    5. When complete, you will get a notification that you have earned Bits. It may take a short while for those Bits to appear in your inventory.

How to Cheer

For example, if you type: "cheer100 Love your stream!", your message will appear like this:

Do not worry, if you type "cheer1000" or more by mistake and hit enter, a countdown timer allows you 5 seconds to click Cancel before it will appear in chat:

  1. Once you have purchased Bits, exiting the purchase flow will automatically return you to the Cheer-enabled channel. There are 2 ways to initiate a Cheer.
    1. Click the Bits icon in the chat entry window. Select the Cheermote you wish to use. This can be the original gem Cheermotes, a custom Partner Cheermote, or one of several Cheremotes based on popular global emotes.

    2. Then select the number of Bits you want to use from the menu, or edit the message to type in a custom amount of Bits
  2. If you don’t want to use the Cheermote menu to initiate a Cheer, you can simply type "cheer" into chat and any number anywhere in your chat message, or multiple times within the same message, and the original Bits gemcool animated emotes Emoticons will appear with your message. For example:

    There are a variety of different Bits emotes Emoticons to choose from:

Choose from many cool Cheer emotes, including global Cheermotes! Yes, you can now Cheer with animated Kappa, Kreygasm, Swiftrage, 4Head, PJSalt, MrDestructoid, TriHard, NotLikeThis, FailFish, and VoHiYo with many more.

To Cheer with Kappa, just type Kappa and the number of Bits you want to use, e.g. Kappa5000. An animated version of the Kappa emote will appear in chat. The higher the number of Bits, the cooler and more expressive the animation.

Cheering On Mobile

Cheering on Mobile is now available and works much the same way that it works on the web. Simply press the Bits icon in the chat box and select the amount of Bits and preferred icon to go along with your chat message, and then add your message.


Using random numbers works, but currently there is no difference in the Bit Emoticons within the same tier (but keep experimenting, this may change!). The max Bits per Emoticon is cheer10000, and the max Bits per chat message is 100,000 (to use more than 10,000 in one Cheer, use multiple Bit Emoticons in a single chat message).

Cheering: for Moderators

Viewers will be able to give their chat messages more visibility with Cheering. As such, all Cheers appear in a chat, including when chat is in sub-only or slow mode, unless the viewer is banned or timed out.

However, all Cheer messages are fully moderatable. Channel owners and their moderators can ban or timeout any chat comment, even if it includes Bits. Note that bans and timeouts will delete the Cheer message as it would a chat message, but Bits that are used cannot be unused.

Ways to ensure unwanted Cheer messages are removed:

  • All Cheer messages will follow banned words lists already in place (global and channel).
  • Banned and timed out users will not able to use Bits to send Cheer messages.
  • You can also moderate Cheer messages or have your moderators do so for you in the same manner as regular chat messages. Remove by clicking on the user and selecting the timeout or ban symbol or by typing /clear to clear the chat and remove all messages from the chat room, /timeout <username> [seconds] in the chat box to purge the message, or /ban <username> to ban the user from the channel.
  • If overlays are used, the overlay provider may have a way for the broadcaster to dismiss Cheer messages or to preview these messages before they show up on stream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distinction between Bits and Cheering?
Bits are evolving, animated emoticons. Viewers buy and use Bits to Cheer. Cheers are chat messages that include Bits.
Why would I would I want to Cheer?
To show your support for the streamer, to interact in chat in a highly visible way, to celebrate when something cool happens, and to get recognition through Bits badges, leaderboards and acknowledgement from the streamer.
What are some of the benefits of Cheering?
Cheering is a way to react to moments and show support for broadcasters in the native language of chat. You can Cheer if you are a channel subscriber or if you are not. Cheering gives you access to Sub Only chat even if you’re not subscribed. You can Cheer using any number of Bits you like, whenever you want. Cheer to creatively celebrate, encourage, or show support along with the community. Start Cheering right when things get interesting, or Cheer when a moment is dying down to keep the train going. Plus, you can earn Cheer Chat Badges as you Cheer.

Even if you are not the Cheering type, you can still benefit from Cheering on Twitch. Cheer Chat Badges will help you identify the regulars in new channels, animated Emoticons will draw your attention to important messages or moments, and since Cheering is in chat, streamers and their moderators can use moderation tools to make sure that the Cheering in their channel is right for their community.

What payment methods can I use to buy Bits?
Bits are purchased via Amazon Payments. We are working hard to make Bits and Cheering awesome, and that includes adding additional local payment methods and currency support in the future.
I bought Bits through Amazon in the past, but I’d like to switch to PayPal. How do I do that?
Begin your Bits purchase as usual. Once you reach the confirmation screen shown below, click on “Change payment service” in the upper right, and then you will see the option to choose PayPal for your purchase.

My Cheer message did not appear on the broadcaster’s overlay. Why might that be?
A broadcaster’s overlay is a part of their video streaming feed, and therefore, what they choose to include on that overlay is entirely under their control. We do not require our Partners to use overlays, but we made sure they had the option to use them if they want.
How exactly does Cheering support the Partners?
Twitch provides participating partners a share of the revenue Twitch receives from Bits equal to 1 cent per Bit used to Cheer for them, subject to certain terms and conditions such as our Bits Acceptable Use Policy. In addition, Twitch provides broadcasters with moderation tooling, fraud checks, and protection against chargebacks.
Does Cheering support third-party integrations?
Absolutely! Third parties can build cool stuff around Cheering through chat messages and through Twitch’s PubSub system. REST API support is forthcoming.
Will we still be able to use third-party services and tools?
Yes, broadcasters are still free to use all existing third-party services and tools. We understand how important these services are to a broadcaster’s livelihood and to creating interactions between broadcasters and their communities. Our focus as an organization is making sure that our broadcasters succeed. We believe that Cheering provides a completely new value to the Twitch community, and our goal is to take your feedback and make it a critical component to a broadcaster’s success.
Who gets the Bits when I Cheer on a channel that is currently hosting another channel?
Because Cheering is tied to the chat room it happens in, when you Cheer in a channel that is hosting someone else, the channel you are in still gets the Bits, not the hosted channel.
Are there restrictions on using Bits?
Yes, Bits are subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. Bits have no monetary value, so users cannot make a purchase, donate, or tip with Bits.
How do I give feedback about Cheering or Bits?
If you would like to send us feedback, ask a question, share an idea, request, random thought, or report a bug, please submit it here!
I’m having issues with my Bits purchase, what should I do?
If you are having issues with a Bits purchase via Amazon payments please go ahead and open a ticket with our customer support team here. Please ensure you sign in to your Twitch account at the top of the support page.

If you are having issues with a Bits purchase via PayPal payments we recommend checking out the Bits Purchases via PayPal Payment Error FAQ for known issues involving PayPal payments for Bits.