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How to Use Clips

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 10:24AM PST

How to Use Clips

This article explains what the Clips feature is, how to use it, and other useful information.

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Clips allows Twitch viewers to quickly share the most uniquely-Twitch moments from broadcasts while enabling Broadcasters to grow their channels through social sharing!


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Creating and Sharing a Clip
How to Create a Clip on Mobile
How to View All Your Clips and Clips of You
Additional Tips for Broadcasters
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When you see something memorable on a stream, click the Clip button. If you want to make sure you catch all the action, or the right exact moments, you can click the Clip button as many times in a row as you like.
  2. A new tab will open, and the video will be ready for replay in just a few seconds. You can pause and restart the Clip or let it play on a loop. Or if you are not done enjoying the action, continue watching the rest of the VOD from that exact Clip time-stamp by clicking the Watch Full Video button at the bottom right.

    Note: if the VOD the Clip was generated from has been deleted, the Watch Full Video button will not appear.
  3. Click the share buttons at the top of the page to copy the link or share directly to a variety of social networks. Once you have shared the video, your friends will be able to watch the recorded stream from the point where the Clip ends or jump right into the broadcast and join you in chat.
  4. To remove a Clip you have created, click the gear icon on any Clip viewing page and click on Remove Clip.


On the Clip page, your Twitch ID is at the top, and under the video is the Broadcaster's name, the game they were playing, and the title of their stream.

Clips are also integrated with Chat and with Channel Feed so that when you share a Clip, the URL is displayed as a thumbnail preview with additional info about the Clip. You can also create Clips with a keyboard shortcut (Alt+X on PC/Option+X on Mac).
Clips grabs the video from about 25 seconds before and five seconds after you click the Clips button, just in case the best parts of the stream were not quite done when you click the button. If you missed Clipping the right moment, you can also make Clips from VODs! Just go to the past broadcasts page and find the VOD you were watching, skip to the segment, and hit that Clip button.
  1. Tap on the screen during the stream, past broadcast or highlight you are watching to bring up the video options
  2. Tap the Share icon and tap Create Clip at the bottom of the share options


  3. Your Clip will generate automatically and then you can choose between sharing on a variety of social media platforms or sharing directly to another user on Twitch via Whispers:


To view all your Clips in a single spot, visit My Clips, located in the top right dropdown menu of any Clip page, to see every Clip you have made and every Clip from your channel. Each Clip on the list will show who clipped it or what Channel it is Clipped from (depending on if you are viewing Clips of your channel or your own Clips), and how many times it was watched:


Clips made on your channel are saved and appear in a list on the second tab, Clips of my Channel. Plays are updated every 15 minutes and are counted for Clips created after August 11th, 2016. Any Clip that has 10 views will appear in this list, and are listed in reverse-chronological order.

A video sidebar pops out whenever you view a Clip from your library for easy review:



Here are some ideas to get Clips working for you to help you grow your channel further:
  • Next time you stream, ask your viewers intermittently throughout the broadcast to make and share Clips of your best moments. Then simply check out the list, select the ones you like best, and share anywhere you like. This functions like free curation of your content!
  • You can embed your favourite Clips in your Channel Feed:

    This is a great use of those Clips from your Clip library. The person who took the Clip receives recognition being featured on your feed, and your other viewers will be able to easily watch a great moment directly on your channel page, no navigating away required.
  • And you can share Clips directly to your channel feed, so all your friends and viewers can see your favorite Twitch moments:
  • You can also download the Clip simply by right-clicking on the video screen and selecting Save Video As. This is a great option if you wish to compile them into a "Highlights of the Week" video!
  • Your Clips will never expire so feel free to share even on a #tbt across various social media.
  • Q: Do Clips ever expire?
    • A: No, just like Highlights, Clips will never expire!
  • Q: Can broadcasters removed clips created of their content?
    • A: Broadcasters cannot remove Clips they have not created, but they can request removal through the Clip report function found in the gear icon.
  • Q: I found a Clip that violates Twitch's Community Guidelines/Terms of Service. What do I do?
    • A: If you need to report a Clip, you can click on the gear icon in the video player to access the report tool: