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Channel Banned Words

Last Updated: May 05, 2016 02:17PM PDT

Channel Banned Words

This article explains how to optimize your Channel settings in order to decrease the use of banned words in chat. 

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Twitch has recently added some new abilities to the Banned Words filter which will help to further protect you and your viewers.

Utilizing these features can help Broadcasters to:
1. Protect their personal information.
2. Protect against spambots.
3. Reduce toxicity in chat in conjunction with other common settings, chat bots and chat rules.

In your channel settings you will find a section for "Banned Words":

Each word in that list will be replaced by three asterisks in chat. For example, if you had "fat" without quotes as a banned word, it would show up as *** in chat.

You will notice that there are some asterisks on the beginning and ends of words in the example. Those are wildcards, which will match zero or more characters at the start or end. For example, we have "hate*" as a banned word. So if anyone typed "haters" or "hateful" they would be replaced. You can also use this feature to filter any variant of a url. **` for instance would filter "", "", "", etc. This can protect your chat from variations of links that are unwelcome.

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