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Twitch Account Settings

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016 03:10PM PDT

Your Twitch Account Settings

This article explains how to get to know a variety of settings that allow you to personalize your Twitch account profile.

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Before getting started, you can find your settings page here.  Click the drop-down menu on the front page and select "Settings", or locate the wrench icon in the directories and click it to be redirected to your settings. 

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Below are the Profile Settings:
  • Display Name:
    This setting allows you to modify the capitalization of your name which will show on your profile page, channel, messages and live directories. This will not capitalize your name in chat, and this is not a name change.
  • Email:
    Here you can change the email your account is bound to. This is the email  used to send you notifications, newsletters, and also account recovery if you forget your password.
  • Profile Picture: 
    Upload a profile picture which will personalize your profile and channel a little! Bear in mind the maximum file size for a profile picture is 3MB and limited to the following formats: .gif, .jpg, .png.
  • Bio:
    Your Bio is a short description of who you are, what you like, when you stream, or whatever you wish to share to the world. The max length of this bio is 150 characters and will be displayed under your banner on your profile page.
  • Closing your account:
    Use this setting if you ever wish to deactivate your account for whatever reason. Once you click the link, you will be prompted to make sure you wish to close your account. 

Turbo settings are for Turbo users only. If you wish to purchase Turbo you can do so at
  • Don't Renew:
    Once you are a Turbo user you will either be paying monthly or annually. If you wish to cancel your Turbo subscription, simply hit the "Don't Renew" link at the top.
  • Chat Colour:
    Turbo users can set any colour they wish to use for Twitch Chat, simply use the colour sliders and find a colour you like!
  • Emoticons:
    With Turbo you get access to two extra emoticon sets. Choose which one you would like to use, or if you want to stick with the default ones click the "Don't use Turbo Emoticons" link.
  • Show Turbo Badge: 
    Choose whether or not to show your Turbo badge when in chat by ticking or unticking the checkbox!
Here you can change common settings for videos, chat, design and also teams on your Channel:
  • Video Player Banner: 
    Upload an image which will be displayed on your Channel video player when you are offline. It is recommended you upload an image that is 16:9 in resolution and at least 1280*720px in dimensions for a high quality offline image.
  • Mature Content:
    If you are a caster looking for a more mature audience then it is recommended you enable the mature content setting which will warn users the content they will be viewing is intended for mature audiences.
  • Archive Broadcasts: 
    By default Twitch will not archive broadcasts automatically; if you wish to record content from your streams to Twitch you will need to enable this setting. It is recommended to read the in-depth article on the VOD (Videos On Demand) system here.
  • Authorized Broadcasters:
    Twitch allows you to invite other broadcasters or friends to stream on your Channel. Simply enter their e-mail, hit save, and they will be sent an e-mail with a unique stream key for your channel that they can use to broadcast (authorized broadcasters can be removed at any time).
  • Teams:
    By default teams are not displayed on this page unless you are currently in a team or you have been invited to join one. Once invited to a team this section will appear where you will be able to accept or decline an invitation. If you accept you will be able to set that team as your "main" team which will display it on your channel page.

    You will also be able to share your channel and revenue statistics with the team leader if required.
  • Block Hyperlinks: 
    If this setting is enabled Twitch will block links from being displayed in your chat and replace them with <deleted link>.
  • Banned Words: 
    Twitch allows you to set words (ASCII Characters only) to be blocked in your chat and replaced with three asterisks (*). Simply enter a word (separate ban words by new lines) you wish to block and save the settings!
  • Opt out of globally banned words filter: 
    By default Twitch will remove a list of globally banned words for being either derogatory, offensive or malicious - you can however opt-out of this filter by unticking the checkbox.
  • Require a verified email to speak: 
    Twitch can prevent users from posting in your chat that do not have verified e-mail addresses in an attempt to prevent spam. Feel free to enable this feature at your own will.
  • Banned Chatters:
    Users that are banned from your chat will be displayed here. Hovering over the name of the banned user will show when they were banned.
On this settings page you can set up security and privacy options for your account / channel:
  • Change Password: 
    If you ever decide to change your password, click the "Change Password" link to display a pop-up requiring your current password, a new password you wish to use, and a confirmation of your new password.
  • YouTube Exporter:
    Enabling this will disallow users from exporting your VODs or highlights to YouTube. More information on the VOD system can be found here.
  • ​Opt Out of Message Filtering:
    Twitch currently filters out potential unwanted spam to your inbox, however some legitimate messages can get caught in this filter - to disable this simply untick the check box and you will receive every message directed at you in your inbox.
  • Block messages from strangers: 
    You can opt to not receive messages from users that you do not follow. To do so simply tick the check-box and Twitch will not allow users you do not follow to message you.
  • Block invites from strangers: 
    Group chat allows users to invite other users to their private chat rooms. In order to not receive these invitations enable this setting and Twitch will not allow users to invite you to their private chat unless you are following them. More information on group chat can be found here.
This settings page allows you to customize what you want to be notified about from Twitch:
  • Opt-out of all emails: 
    Enabling this setting will opt you out of all notification emails regardless of other settings on this page.
  • Email me when: 
    Feel free to go through the different settings in this section and select what you wish to receive notifications on. You may also customize who you get e-mailed for when they go live by selecting / deselecting them in the users you are following list.
  • Mobile Notifications: 
    If you are subscribed to a Channel (paid subscription) you can choose to receive SMS alerts when they go live on Twitch. Simply enter your cell / mobile number and choose which users you wish to receive SMS notifications for.

On this page you can connect your other online accounts with Twitch and also review which websites, community made projects, and applications have limited access to your Twitch account.
  • Recommended Connections:
    Use this setting to connect your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Steam accounts at will by simply clicking the "Connect" button when scrolling over the grayed out tick.
  • Other Connections: 
    Twitch allows developers to utilize the Kraken API which can allow them limited access to your account if you allow them. Here you can review all of the applications which have been authorized for your account, and you can revoke authorization for an application or website by clicking the "revoke" link on the relevant row.
  • Developer Applications:
    If you are a developer and wish to utilize the Twitch API you can register your application on this page by clicking the "Register your application" link.
By clicking this link in the settings you will be redirected to a page where you can review all of your currently active subscriptions to Twitch. Clicking "Payment Info" on a subscription panel will allow you to choose whether or not you wish to renew this subscription automatically - if you do not wish to do so, simply click the "Don't Renew" link.