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Contacting Purchase Support

Last Updated: Jul 24, 2017 09:08AM PDT

Contacting Purchase Support

This article explains how to get in touch with the correct support team for purchasing issues.

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There are two different avenues of support available for purchase issues, so it is important that you know who to contact if an issue should arise. Most issues will go through the Twitch Purchase Support team, however, some issues pertaining to Twitch Prime and Teespring t-shirt purchases need to be directed to the Prime and Teespring Support teams respectively, in order to be resolved.

Read below for the correct contact information you may need in any of these situations.

Channel Subscription Purchase Support

If you need help with a purchase issue regarding a channel or event subscription please send an email with a description of the issue to:

Twitch Prime Purchase Support

If you need help with a purchase issue regarding your Twitch Prime membership, including any game codes or downloadable content, free channel subscriptions, or promotion issues, please open a ticket here and select the reason from the dropdown menu so that you can receive proper assistance with your issue.

Note: You MUST log in to the help portal before opening a support ticket about Twitch Prime.

Teespring Purchase Support

For Teespring purchases that have happened up until July 24th, 2017, please contact Teespring directly: 

Support email:
Support phone: 1-855-TEESPRING (1-855-833-7774)
Support hours: Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM (EST). They will respond to all emails and voicemails within one business day.