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Chat icons and emoticons

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2014 03:24PM PST

You will come across some members of the Twitch community who feature unique icons next to their usernames in chat. Each of these icons indicates a specific title or function.

Twitch Staff Member: These are the people who make Twitch tick. Say hello!
Global Moderator: Our volunteer moderator squad who help us keep Twitch safe and fun.
Broadcaster (Current Channel): This icon denotes the person whose channel you're currently watching.
Chat Moderator (Current Channel): Specifically appointed chat moderators for the channel you're currently watching.
Twitch Turbo: For members of our Twitch Turbo subscription program.

Any icon that is not listed above will be a special, subscriber only icon, which indicates the person has paid to subscribe to the channel you're currently viewing.

Standard Emoticons


There are also many secret emoticons to be found on Twitch. Get involved in the community and you'll eventually discover them all!