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Chat moderation commands

Last Updated: Nov 25, 2013 10:55AM PST
Channel broadcasters and moderators are equipped with a number of special chat commands that allow them to take proper care of the community gathering around their content.


  • /timeout username: Temporarily ban the user. This will be followed by a message informing both yourself and the user the length of the ban.
  • /ban username: Permanently ban the user from the chat room.
  • /unban username: Reverse a previously instated ban.
  • /slow xx: Set a limit on how often a viewer is allowed to send chat messages, where "xx" is the number of seconds (for example, "/slow 60" would make it so viewers could only send one chat message every 60 seconds).
  • /slowoff: Disable the rate limit on chat messages.
  • /subscribers: Enable subscribers-only chat mode, which only allows those who are currently subscribed to your channel to chat. (Subscriptions are a premium feature for select partners that require a paid purchase for the viewer to participate.)
  • /subscribersoff: Disable subscribers-only chat mode.
  • /clear: Clear the current chat history from the page.
  • /mod username: Promote a viewer to moderator status, allowing them limited control over the current chat. This enables them to utilize the ban, unban, timeout, subscribers, subscribersoff, and clear commands.
  • /unmod username: Demote an existing mod back to viewer status.
  • /r9kbeta : Does not allow users to message non-unique messages to the channel. Checks for a minimum of 9 characters that are not symbol unicode characters.
  • /r9kbetaoff : Disables r9k mode on a channel.

Channel Utility

  • /commercial: A partner-only command to run a commercial for all of your viewers. Here are the options for this command:
    • /commercial (with no additional value) runs a 30 second commercial by default.
    • /commercial value runs a commercial of the length (value) you set. Your value options are based on what is available in your dashboard's gearbox: 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, or 180 seconds. Thus, if you have the option to run a 120-second commercial, running the command /commercial 120 will run that length of commercial.
  • /mods: Receive a list of all moderators for the channel you are visiting.