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Creative FAQ

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2016 02:09PM PDT

Twitch Creative FAQ

Learn all about Twitch Creative and find the answers you need!

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We have put together this FAQ to capture what we think some of your questions might be, and we will add to it over time. This includes certain approved use cases for Twitch Creative, as well as some examples of what is and what is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is Twitch Creative?
    • A. Broadcasters can share the process of their creations on Twitch Creative. For a non exhaustive list of approved examples, you can look below under “Examples of what you can broadcast” section.
  • Q. What is the jumbotron?
    • A. At the top of Twitch Creative there is a carousel featuring broadcasters from the directory curated by staff. This list changes to highlight creators in all media, whether or not they have a partnership.
  • Q. I have never broadcasted on Twitch before, but I would like to give this Creative thing a shot. How do I get started?
    • A. Click here to find out how to get started on Twitch. Essentially, you need a computer, broadcasting software, and sufficient internet connection (Twitch recommends at least 1mbps upload speed) and you are ready to go!
  • Q. How does Twitch support/promote Creative broadcasters the way they do for Gaming broadcasters?
    • A. At Twitch, the goal is to support Broadcasters, whether they are Gaming or Creative. If you are interested in being a Creative Partner, please apply through the same means. The Creative Partnerships team will also reach out and contact engaging Broadcasters who have shown the ability to produce amazing creative content and foster strong sub-communities of their own!
  • Q. Can I become a Twitch Partner through Creative content?
    • A. Yes. As this initiative grows, Twitch will identify creative broadcasters based on viewership and the quality of content. You can apply here using the partner application. In your application, feel free to share details about the creative content you are making.
  • Q. Wait, I thought Twitch was about games?
    • A. Our commitment to gaming remains unchanged. Twitch Creative does not come at the expense of all the awesome gaming channels and events that are supported. We are pursuing this expansion because we think bringing artists and gamers together will make both even better. Demonstrating that gamers are valuable to artists and the wider creative world is important for the future growth of Twitch and the larger gaming industry.
  • Q. How does this affect the Rules of Conduct which previously prohibited some of this content?
    • A. We have updated our Rules of Conduct to officially support the Creative community on Twitch. These new policies are based on the content users are already broadcasting in Twitch Creative, as well as our expectations for the variety of new content users would like to see. As the Creative community grows, we will continue to update our Rules of Conduct in order to support the innovative ways the community uses our platform.
  • Q. What if my creative broadcast is gaming-inspired art?
    • A. For the category, if you are making art within a game we ask that you broadcast under that game.
  • Q. What if my creative broadcast involves game development or programming?
    • A. For broadcasting your programming and game development you can broadcast under Twitch Creative and use the hashtags #programming or #gamedev in your title. As always, please adhere to the Rules of Conduct.
  • Q. Does all Twitch Creative content have to be gaming related?
    • A. No, you are free to broadcast your creative process for any genre!

Specific Use Cases

  • Q. I am a musician -- am I allowed to broadcast under Twitch Creative?
    • A. Music is generally allowed as long as it is part of your creation process or a trivial part of your overall broadcast. If you would like to do more performance based broadcasts, please set your channel to the Music category.
  • Q. Why the restriction on performance arts? Will this be lifted at some point in the future?
    • A. We feel Performance Art is too broad a category around which to build a tight-knit community. People on Twitch Creative love watching each other make tangible creations, and that is what we would like to encourage. There are no current plans to lift this restriction.
  • Q. If I cannot broadcast myself performing stand-up comedy, can I broadcast myself writing the jokes for my stand-up comedy?
    • A. Yes, totally. We encourage any broadcasts that focuses on the creative process rather than its performance.
  • Q. Is cooking or eating okay in Twitch Creative?
    • A. Yes. However, eating food must be a trivial part of your broadcast. For cooking streams, the focus must be on the creation of an original piece not the consumption of food (mukbang is prohibited). For a full list of permitted activities within Twitch Creative, please see the list below.
  • Q. Can I broadcast building furniture for my office?
    • A. Assembling office furniture is not allowed. However, if you are building out your broadcast studio or customizing furniture, feel free to use Twitch Creative.
  • Q. Is 3D printing considered okay for Twitch Creative?
    • A. 3D printing is allowed as long as it is part of your creation process or a trivial portion of your overall broadcast.
  • Q. Are nude or gory depictions allowed?
    • A. We are working on ways to ensure that artists can produce the work that they want, while also fostering a safe space for the community as a whole. We ask that you refrain from creating or using depictions of nudity or extreme violence until those features are implemented.
  • Q: Is fan art okay to stream on Twitch Creative?
    • A: Fan art involves derivative creations of others' copyrighted content, and may be subject to DMCA takedown by a rights holder. We cannot provide you with specific legal advice, but encourage you to assess your broadcasts for adherence to copyright laws, including whether your use is permitted by a license, fair use, or otherwise under the law.
  • Q. What are some of the activities allowed on Twitch Creative?
    • A. Below are some guidelines you can use. This list is non-exhaustive and will be updated as we discover new allowed and disallowed activities. For more information, please refer to our Rules of Conduct.
  • Q: Can I play Pictionary or other art based guessing games?
    • A: For playing a game of Pictionary or guessing game with art, please use the game “Pictionary” or other appropriate game title for this content.
  • Q. Can I rebroadcast Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting Monday Marathons?
    • A. Every Monday, Bob Ross' The Joy of Painting is broadcasted During these broadcasts, all are welcome to rebroadcast this content on their own channels so long as original content is being added to the cast by way of painting along and adding commentary, or other similarly creative and positive activities. We thank Janson Media and Bob Ross, Inc. for allowing this! Check out our blog to learn more about Bob Ross on Twitch here.
  • Q. Can I do a talk show on Creative?
    • A. You may do a talk show on Twitch Creative as long as the focus of the talk show is on the creative process and follows current terms of service.

Examples of what you can broadcast on Twitch Creative:

  • Digital and traditional painting
  • Digital and traditional modeling
  • Customizing existing things
  • Costume and prop making
  • Sewing, knitting, and crocheting
  • Fuse beads, perlers, and bead sprites
  • Scrap-booking
  • Jewelry making
  • Glass blowing
  • Electronic and robotic projects
  • Music composing
  • Cooking and baking full recipes from scratch
  • Creative writing
  • Video editing
  • Photo editing
  • General programming and coding
  • Software and game development
  • Web development
  • Gaming-inspired art
  • Building custom PCs
  • Building a broadcast setup, such as a studio
  • Custom furniture creation or customization (such as Ikea hacks)
  • Model making
  • Makeup, face painting and cosmetic art
  • Creating an original dance routine or choreography
  • Building construction sets (Lego, Erector sets, Mega Bloks, K'nex, Duplo) or model kits (Warhammer, Gundam, and more from Wikipedia)
  • Tattooing
  • Painting alongside a broadcast of The Joy of Painting from here (Mondays only)
  • Coloring books
  • Brewing
  • Construction, home building and renovation
  • Blacksmithing
  • Maintaining your car
  • Restoration

Examples of what you cannot broadcast on Twitch Creative:

  • Homework
  • Assembling furniture
  • A focus on unattended printers (3D or 2D)
  • Playing puzzles
  • Decorating your house
  • Performances of pre-existing work, such as plays, music, stand up comedy, and reading from a book.
  • Performances of a preexisting dance routine or choreography
  • Unboxing
  • Toy assembly
  • Piercings
  • Tarot Card Readings; Oujia board
  • Photoshoots and Film production
  • Pictionary
  • Mukbang or eating streams
  • Unattended webcam streams
  • Exercise or workout streams
  • Learning languages
  • Distilling

If you have more questions about Twitch Creative or if you are unsure about the content you want to broadcast, please feel free to email our team at