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How to Navigate the Channel Page

Last Updated: Jun 30, 2016 02:23PM PDT

How to Navigate the Channel Page

This article explains what the channel page is comprised of and how to use all the features it contains as both a viewer and a broadcaster.

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The channel page represents a huge improvement to the viewer experience which brings a responsive feel to viewing your favorite channels.

The channel page consists of 5 sections: the Twitch sidebar on the left, a large responsive video player with user broadcast information above and information panels below. Lastly on the right is a chat panel; both the left and the right panels are collapsible allowing you to expand the width and height of the video player. Collapsing the left panel will still show a thin dark grey strip with some of the icons still showing for ease of use.


  1. Discovery section: This area is comprised of several different ways you can find great content on Twitch:
    • Twitch logo: clicking this directs you to the Twitch front page
    • Search Bar: type in your custom search that covers the entirety of Twitch by game, broadcaster and VOD (past broadcast and highlights)
    • Following: click this to browse all of the channels and games you follow that are currently live
    • Games: click this to browse all games that are currently live
    • Channels: click this to browse all channels that are currently live
    • Videos: click this to browse all the VODs (Video on Demand) across the site for the past week
  2. Last Broadcast: Watch the latest recorded VOD for the channel you are viewing.
  3. Broadcast Information: The title for the current broadcast, and under it, the broadcaster name, the game they are playing, and the name of the Twitch Team they are featured in (if applicable).
  4. Chat: Here you can see all of the chat messages for the channel your viewing. You can also configure many aspects such as:
    • Group Chat: click the icon in the top left of the chat column to access your group chats, create a group chat, and manage your group chat invites
    • Chat box: this is where you can type and engage with the viewers watching the same broadcast as you (click the smiley to the right to browse and use Twitch emoticons without having to remember all of the codes)
    • Viewer List: click the list icon in the bottom of the chat column to see other logged in users viewing the same channel
    • Chat Settings: click the cog icon in the bottom of the chat column to configure your username color that appears in all chats, enable/disable time-stamps in chat, enable, disable dark-mode, hide the chat, or pop out the chat into a new window


  5. Whisper Box: Here you will find all of your Whisper conversations. To learn more about how to use Whispers, click here.
  6. Info Panels: A space for broadcasters to customize their channel with information, links and images using the editing language, Markdown. File sizes for images must be under 2.9 MB, and should be no larger that 320px wide and 300px high, otherwise they automatically resize to these maximums. Panels are edited from the channel page, but display on the info section of your Profile page as well.
  7. Channel Statistics: Displays the current channel statistics including total current live viewers (a person icon), total lifetime channel views (an eye icon), and current number of followers (a heart icon).
  8. Video Screen: The main aspect of the channel page is the video screen - this is where the broadcast is displayed. The stream feed can be frozen and re-engaged at any time with the play button in the bottom left of the video screen when hovering over it with the mouse. There is also a volume option.
  9. Player Options: click on this cog in the bottom right of the video screen for a variety of player options including:
    • Video Quality: use this dropdown box to select the quality of video feed you receive (from mobile to source)
    • Popout Player: clicking this pops out the video player to its own window
    • Show Video Stats: click this see the video feed statistics
    • Report Playback Issue: click this to report a playback issue


  10. Theater Mode: click the icon to the right of the Player Options cog at the bottom right of the video screen to enable this feature, which minimizes all aspects of the page except for the video and chat sections. This automatically enables dark mode as well for maximum viewing enjoyment.
  11. Fullscreen: if Theater Mode is not enough video screen for you, then click the icon to the right of it to enable fullscreen viewing. If you have extra monitors and still wish to use chat, consider popping out the chat and dragging the chat window to an extra screen so you can chat and watch at maximum size!
  12. Posts: this is the Channel Feed feature where broadcasters can provide extra information to their viewers! This is ideal for sharing schedule updates, upcoming game choices, and special events and can be used to send a tweet to the Twitter account connected to the channel. Read more about how to use this feature here.
  13. Channel Cog: click this to either send a private message to the broadcaster, or report them if you believe they are violating the Rules of Conduct or Terms of Service.


  14. Follow/Subscribe (and Commissions on select channels): these buttons are available below the video screen on the left side:
    • Follow: click this to follow the broadcaster and see them on your Following list of live channels whenever they are broadcasting, as well as receive alerts via email if you enable this option (available in your Settings page)
    • Subscribe: click this to open a new tab where you can complete a payment process of $4.99 per month to Subscribe to the broadcaster and receive a variety of benefits for doing so (click here to read more about Subscribing on Twitch)
    • Commissions: this button is available on some creative channels - to learn more about Creative commissions, check out this guide
  15. Share: click this button to the left below the video screen, to reveal shareable links to the current channel for Twitter and Facebook, as well as options to embed the content on an external website - a quick and free way to spread the word about the awesome content you are watching!
  16. User Section: this area in the dark grey column on the far left puts all of the most common user pages in one area to help save you time and navigate the site easier:
    • Profile: click this to redirect to your own Profile page
    • Settings: click this to redirect to your Settings page
    • Message: click this to redirect to your message inbox
    • Channel: click this to redirect to your own channel page
    • Video Manager: click this to redirect to your Video Manager dashboard page
    • Dashboard: click this to redirect to your dashboard
    • Subscriptions: click this to view a list of all of the channels you are Subscribed to and manage your Subscriptions
    • Logout: click this to log out of your Twitch account session
  17. Friends: this feature is in the dark grey column on the far left and shows all of the Friends you have on Twitch, recommends you potential Friends, has a search field to find new or current Friends, and shows your most recent Whisper conversations in a list. There is also a tab next to Friends for Friend requests. At the very bottom of this column is your Whisper status "online or DND (Do Not Disturb) with your username and avatar, which can be collapsed.

NOTE: All of the customizable parts are subject to our Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct, and DMCA guidelines.