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How to Premiere Your Video on Twitch

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018 08:58AM PDT
This article explains the process of uploading and premiering a video on Twitch.

How to Premiere Your Video on Twitch

This article explains the process of uploading and premiering a video on Twitch.

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First, upload your video using the new Video Manager. Click the box in the middle and select your video file or simply drag and drop it into the box. You can upload up to 20GB MP4, MOV, AVI, and FLV files with H.264 encoding.

Edit the metadata for your video while it’s uploading.

Click “Schedule Premiere” and enter the details for your Premiere event. Schedule your Premiere by selecting your start date and entering any time into the “Start Time” field. You can also choose to have the Premiere start immediately by selecting “Now” in the dropdown.

Once you’ve scheduled your premiere, you will see it appear in the “Video Broadcast” widget on your Live dashboard. By default, a 30-second countdown video will be added to the beginning of the stream. You can change this by clicking the pencil icon.

Promote and hype your Premiere by sharing the event page with your community, encouraging them to set a reminder for the event.

Join chat and get ready to watch the Premiere with your community. If you’re streaming before the start of your Premiere, you’ll receive a notification 5 minutes before start time reminding you to go offline soon. Note: your Premiere won’t run if your channel is already live at the start time, so make sure your channel is offline before the premiere starts!

Once the Premiere is over, the video will be made available for on-demand viewing as a Past Premiere. Any countdown intros that were included in the Premiere won’t appear in the Past Premiere.