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How to Premiere Your Video on Twitch

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 02:14PM PDT
This article explains the process of uploading and premiering a video on Twitch as well as answering some frequently asked questions.

How to Premiere Your Video on Twitch

This article explains the process of uploading and premiering a video on Twitch as well as answering some frequently asked questions.

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Update: As of Friday, September 14, Reruns and Premieres will become available once you become an Affiliate.


What are Reruns and Premieres?

Reruns and Premieres are ways for streamers to engage with their audience and attract new viewers when they are not able to stream live. They allow Affiliates and Partners to upload past broadcasts through the video manager and play those videos at a scheduled date and time for their audience, and are most impactful for creators who have a strong following and subscriber base.

How to Upload and Premier a Video

Firstly you will need to upload your video using the new Video Manager. Click the box in the middle and select your video file or simply drag and drop it.

Edit the metadata for your video while it’s uploading.

Click Schedule Premiere and enter the details for your Premiere event. Premieres can be scheduled to start at 30-minute increments from the hour. (e.g. 1:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:00pm, etc.)

Once you’ve scheduled your Premiere, you will see it appear in the Video Broadcast widget on your Live dashboard. By default, a 30-second countdown video will be added to the beginning of the stream. You can change this by clicking the pencil icon.

Promote and hype your Premiere by sharing the event page with your community, encouraging them to set a reminder for the event.

Join chat and get ready to watch the Premiere with your community. If you’re streaming before the start of your Premiere, you’ll receive a notification 5 minutes before start time reminding you to go offline soon.

Note: your Premiere won’t run if your channel is already live at the start time, so make sure your channel is offline before the premiere starts!

What about streamers who are not yet Affiliate?

We found that creators below Affiliate level who used these tools were spending a lot of time building videos that did not have meaningful impact on their channel growth.

Given that, as of September 14, 2018, Reruns and Premieres will be unlocked at the Affiliate level.

We want to help you make the most of your time and enable you to be as successful as you can be on Twitch. For creators working towards Affiliate status, we find the best thing for you to do at the end of a stream is start a raid to a streamer around your size. You can learn all about tools and tips for growing your channel with Twitch Creator Camp.

Pre-Affiliate streamers can also take advantage of a number of editing tools - including Highlighter and Stream Markers - that make it easier to curate your existing content into entertaining highlight reels of your stream’s most hype moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How will my community know when my Premiere is about to start?
    • A. When the Premiere is about to begin, everyone who set a reminder from the Premiere event page will receive a notification. We also will provide a countdown video prior to the prior to the event starting.
  • Q. How will viewers visually distinguish channels for Live, Premieres, and Reruns?
    • A. With Premieres, we’re introducing a new way to display your channel’s status:
  • Q. What happens to a video after its Premiere?
    • A. After a video is premiered, it’s made available for on-demand viewing indefinitely (no expiration dates!) as a Past Premiere.
  • Q. Do all uploads have to be Premiered?
    • A. Yes. We want every new video to get an exciting debut, which is why setting up a Premiere is a part of the new video publishing flow. That being said, if you want your video to be available as soon as possible, you can schedule your Premiere to be at the earliest half-hour increment after your video finishes uploading. For example, if your video finishes uploading at 12:22pm, you can schedule your Premiere for 12:30pm.
  • Q. What kinds of monetization options are available for Premieres?
    • A. Many of the same options for live streams exist for Premieres, including Subs, Bits, and the free channel subscriptions from Twitch Prime.
  • Q. What happens if I go live during a Premiere?
    • A. You cannot go live until you stop the Premiere.
  • Q. What happens if I’m still live at the time a scheduled Premiere should start?
    • A. We’ll send a notification 5 minutes prior to the start of a Premiere, in which we encourage you to stop streaming and participate in your Premiere. If you continue to stream, the Premiere will not start and show up as failed. You will have to reschedule the failed Premiere.
  • Q. What happened to the first version of Vodcast?
    • A. Based on community usage of Vodcast as a way to stream archived content, we’ve broken that version out as a separate product called Reruns.
  • Q. What changed about the YouTube exporter?
    • A. We are streamlining the process so we autofill fields when you export content. The visibility of exported content on YouTube will be set to Unlisted.
  • Q. Can my viewers just watch a Premiere video without being visible to the rest of the community?
    • A. Premieres are intended to be a public, community event. That said, for those who prefer to just watch, they are welcome to go invisible during chat.
  • Q. I’m a streamer with an interesting idea of other ways to use Vodcasts besides Reruns and Premieres. Where can I submit these ideas?
    • A. To provide suggestions on how Vodcasts can be a powerful tool for you and your community, please provide suggestions here.