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Video Upload Guide

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2017 10:49PM PDT

Video Upload Guide

This article explains how to upload pre-recorded videos to your channel and best practices for discoverability.

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Uploading videos ( on Twitch lets broadcasters keep their viewers engaged at any time. By also using the downloading option, broadcasters can use existing content as the starting point to create new videos that can be shared in more flexible ways. Broadcasters can therefore maintain a more steady connection with their viewers and worry less about keeping their audiences engaged when they are not broadcasting.

With Uploads you can:
  • Upload videos via the Video Manager to Twitch
  • Download Past Broadcasts and Highlights
  • Rewatch uploaded videos any time - uploads have no expiration dates (unlike Past Broadcasts)
  • Send notifications to your followers when you want to share new videos
  • Check Video-level analytics - each video has its own stats
  • Use tags to improve visibility in search
  • Publish videos when you upload, or schedule when they go live for easier promotion
  • Edit video details including Title, Description, Game, and Broadcast Language
  • Upload a custom thumbnail, or choose one of the auto-generated options

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Video Upload Requirements
How to Upload and Manage Videos
How to Add a Custom Thumbnail
How to Download Past Broadcasts and Highlights
How to Delete a Video
Discoverability Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

When uploading a video, the following formats are accepted:
  • .MP4, .MOV, .AVI and .FLV
  • AAC audio and MP3
  • h264 codec
  • Up to 10Mbps bitrate
  • Up to 1080p/60FPS
Your video file cannot be larger than 20GB.
  1. Go to your Video Manager on your dashboard and click the Uploads tab:
  2. Drag the video you wish to upload directly onto the uploads page and it will begin uploading automatically, or select your video you wish to upload by clicking the Drag & Drop button or the Upload button, select your video, and click Open to begin uploading:
  3. Before your upload begins, you will be prompted to choose how your video will be published. Your video will not begin uploading until you have selected an option. Select “Published” to publish your video as soon as video uploading and processing are complete. Select “Scheduled” to choose a future time when your video will be published after uploading and processing are complete. Select “Unpublished” to save your video and publish it at a later time.
  4. Click Edit Info to set your video’s title, description, game category, broadcast language, tags, thumbnail, and change the publishing status:
  5. Once all your information is complete, set your video to “Publish” or set it to “Scheduled” and select a publish date/time:
There is a 30 character limit per tag. Tags need to be separated by commas. All tags must be under 500 characters total with commas delimited. Tags serve an important purpose for informing Twitch’s search and discovery features, thus we suggest that you take the time to add tags, and, be accurate.

Note: Video uploads, as with all user generated content, are subject to the Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
Your video thumbnail is the image that shows in the uploads page once your video is published. By default, your video will display a thumbnail of the first image based on the video itself. If you would like to set a custom thumbnail, or choose one of the auto-generated options, you can do so by following these steps:
  1. Click Edit Info and then Choose File in the top right corner of the pop up in order to select your custom thumbnail image from your files.
  2. Click Open and your image will appear as the video thumbnail in the top left preview window.
  3. Manually crop your custom thumbnail by dragging the box around and expanding or minimizing it in the video preview window in the top left:
  4. If you do not like the thumbnail, you can remove it by clicking Cancel Upload.
  5. When finished, click Done to accept the thumbnail to your video.
  6. If you wish to remove a thumbnail at any point, click on Edit Info, then click Remove Thumbnail, and then upload a new one or the default image will once again be the thumbnail:


Note: Thumbnails are subject to the Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
You can also download your Twitch content including Past Broadcasts, Highlights and previously uploaded videos. Use these to download and upload as a polished, edited video for your followers. Here is how:
  1. From any of your Past Broadcasts, Highlights or Uploads directory tabs on the Video Manager, click the Download button below the thumbnail for the video you wish to download:


  2. Your download will download via your browser’s download manager.
Video files for past broadcasts are about 2GB in size for each hour of broadcast time, and large files from multi-hour broadcasts will take a long time to download. Try cutting your broadcast into approximately hour-long segments using the Highlight tool and downloading those videos individually for offline editing.
If you wish to remove a video, be it a past broadcast, highlight, or uploaded video, follow these steps:
  1. From the video page click the three-dot icon in the bottom right below the video player:
  2. You can also access the delete option from the Uploaded Videos tab by clicking More, and then click Delete:
  3. A popup will ask if you are sure - click Delete again and your video is gone (WARNING: Deleting a video cannot be undone):


Scheduling: Keep your viewers engaged when you are not able to broadcast, such as during a convention, a holiday or other life event. If you are not broadcasting, you still can have fresh content for your followers by using the scheduling tool to plan when your content goes live.
Downloads: You can also download your content previously uploaded to other platforms and upload it to your Twitch channel, making it easier for your Twitch viewers to find more of your content in one place.

Tags: Your uploaded videos can be discovered in the search function so make sure that you include good keywords which can help in surfacing your videos to interested new viewers. The search function also works for mobile viewers so your opportunity to be discovered via search is maximized. Tags should accurately describe the content of your video and are subject to the Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Analytics: You can see analytics of each upload on the Stats tab of your dashboard. Check in with these to see which of your uploads do best and learn to better hone your content! The following video-specific analytics are available: # of views, minutes watched, new subscriptions/new followers, average view duration, platform, source of traffic. Use these to also notice what your core demographic is watching your content on, and how long each video is watched for, as well as other helpful statistics.

Highlights: Consider making highlights on Twitch (or asking your editors to do so for you), download multiple Highlights, and combine them into a highlight reel which you can upload.

Titles: Notifications are sent to your followers that have upload notifications enabled, so make sure you create eye-catching video titles!
Issue: You do not see the option to upload videos.
Solution: All users with a verified email address have the ability to upload video so if you do not see the option, ensure your email address is verified on your Twitch account by going here and clicking Send Email to receive a verification link to your email address.

Issue: The upload failed to complete.
Solution: The upload process will need to be restarted with a new entry. Ensure your upload adheres to the Video Upload Requirements before proceeding.

Issue: The processing stage is taking a long time.
Solution: The processing of the upload once uploaded is roughly correlated with the length of the video uploaded. If your video is large, then please allow for more processing time.

Issue: There is no default thumbnail appearing on the video.
Solution: The default (auto-generated) thumbnails do not show up on the video until after processing is complete. Only custom uploaded thumbnails will show automatically because they are not dependent on a processed video to be generated.
  • QHow long will uploads be available on Twitch?
    • A: Uploaded videos will not expire, so they will be viewable unless you delete them.
  • Q: Will my upload show publicly automatically?
    • A: To ensure adherence to our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, Partners’ uploads are auto-approved to publish. All other broadcasters’ uploads are reviewed and notified if their video failed review.
  • QHow does ad revenue work on uploads to Partnered channels?
    • A: Currently, Partners earn the same way and at the same rate as their Past Broadcasts and Highlights.
  • QWhat content can I upload?
    • A: Uploads have to be related to the current categories on Twitch, but this is an open beta, and we will be shaping future guidelines based on your feedback. Please join the Twitch Uploads Curse server or visit our Product Forum.
  • Q: Will non-Partnered video creators also be able to earn ad revenue?
    • A: Not at this time. To apply for Partnership, click here. Approval is based on your Twitch broadcast or other online content channels, as well as other factors. To learn more about Partnership requirements and tips to apply, click here.
  • Q: The upload tool is only in English. Why does my Twitch language settings not affect it?
    • A: Due to how new this tool is, localization has not yet been added. It is coming soon.