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Social Eating FAQ

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2017 05:55PM PST

Social Eating FAQ

Learn all about Social Eating and find the answers you need!

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This FAQ will explain what Social Eating is, address some common community questions, and provide guidelines for acceptable content, including examples of what is and is not allowed in the category. This article will develop over time, alongside the Social Eating community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Social Eating?
    • A: Social Eating is a new beta category that lets you share a meal with your community. Whether you are taking a break from gaming to refuel or enjoying a meal you cooked on Twitch Creative. It is like eating with friends via Twitch!

      Having your meal while watching someone else have theirs celebrates something people have done for eons: dining together. The spirit of Social Eating is therefore less focused on the act of eating and more on a sense of companionship and inclusiveness
  • Q: How did it come about?
    • A: The origins for Social Eating come from South Korea, where it is known as muk-bang. Its main purpose is to enjoy food in a social setting, much like going out to a restaurant with your friends, providing interactive entertainment around mealtimes for anyone watching. Often viewers join in during these mealtimes, eating their own meals while interacting in chat with the broadcaster.
  • Q: Why is Social Eating allowed now on Twitch?
    • A: We are always listening to user feedback for suggestions, and this is no different. Social Eating is being introduced as a category experiment to provide a place for content we see demand for from our community.

      The impetus for Social Eating was driven by two converging trends surfaced by our community. The first is connected with our South Korean users, where food consumption content is a prevalent part of their culture and something many of them have requested or attempted to integrate into their broadcasts. The second is the result of Twitch Creative where broadcasters are allowed to demonstrate their cooking process, but spending expansive time on the eating aspect began to pull them outside the spirit of what Twitch Creative is all about.
  • Q: What is the difference between Social Eating and #food on Twitch Creative?
    • A: Social Eating is the directory for broadcasters that wish to eat a meal while interacting with their live viewing audience. Twitch Creative’s #food is the directory for creators to showcase their process of cooking, baking, or generally preparing food, not the eating of food.
  • Q: What category should I use when I am eating versus when I am cooking?
    • A: If the intent of your broadcast is to eat or prepare food to eat while interacting with your audience, you should use Social Eating. If the intent is to demonstrate your cooking or preparation process, you should use Twitch Creative’s #food. If during the course of a broadcast you switch between either of these activities, please set your channel to the most appropriate directory for the duration of that segment.
  • Q: Am I required to interact with my viewers during my Social Eating broadcast?
    • A: Yes, you must be interacting with your audience for the duration of your Social Eating broadcast. Interaction could include reviewing the food being eaten or talking about games. Discussions unrelated to food are also acceptable.
  • Q: Am I required to show both myself and what I am eating during my Social Eating broadcast?
    • A: Yes, both you and the food you are eating must be visible for the duration of your Social Eating broadcast.
  • Q: I am primarily broadcasting a game, but I need to have a quick snack. Do I need to switch my category to Social Eating?
    • A: No. If you plan to eat a quick snack and want to continue broadcasting games or Creative content, you could do so while broadcasting a game or on a break, but your channel should stay in the game or Creative directory when doing so.
  • Q: I am primarily broadcasting a game, but I need to eat a meal. Do I need to switch my category to Social Eating?
    • A: Yes. If you plan to eat a meal and want to continue broadcasting, you should move your channel to Social Eating for the duration of your meal. If you plan to go back to broadcasting a game, just move back to the appropriate game directory when you are finished eating.
  • Q: Will I be penalized (i.e. suspended) if I do not immediately change my channel to the correct directory?
    • A: We do allow for a few minutes of leeway before you are required to set your channel to the correct directory, but extended or repeated miscategorization is considered a violation of our Community Guidelines.

Specific Use Cases

Social Eating is solely for content that focuses on you eating a meal while interacting with your live viewing audience. If the focus of your content is gameplay, gaming discussion, or sharing your Creative process, then you should set your channel to the appropriate game directory, Gaming Talk Shows directory, or Twitch Creative directory, respectively. Mixed content, idle broadcasts, broadcasting Social Eating content in other directories, or otherwise miscategorizing your channel is not permitted.

If you are unsure that your content is fit for broadcasting on Twitch or Social Eating, please review Twitch’s Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and the following use cases before doing so.

Examples of what you can broadcast on Social Eating:
  • Taking a break to eat a meal between game play or Twitch Creative sessions.
  • Eating a meal with other friends or loved ones.
  • Describing or reviewing a meal from a restaurant.
  • Eating a meal that you just cooked on Twitch Creative.
  • Eating a meal that your viewers ordered for you.
  • Hosting a pizza party with your viewers.
  • Eating a meal while at an event, when you are unable to do your regular broadcasts.

Examples of what you cannot broadcast on Social Eating:
  • Primarily eating junk food, such as candy, condiments, or energy food.
  • Primarily drinking alcoholic beverages, such as taking shots, drinking games, binge drinking, or drinking parties.
  • Eating items or food not meant for human consumption, such as pet food, toxic substances, bodily fluids, refuse, or inedible objects.
  • Eating foods or in a manner that might inflict harm upon yourself or lead to vomiting.
  • Eating food or in a manner intended to disgust, shock, or offend others.
  • Food challenges or contests, such as chugging, snorting, or binge/speed eating.
  • Food challenges or contests involving the exchange of money, goods, or services, such as eating or shots, for dares or for money.
  • Feeding others, such as pets or babies.
  • Broadcasting from a moving vehicle, such as traveling to/from a grocery store, market, restaurant, or drive-thru.
  • Broadcasting videos or content from other sites while eating, such as browsing video sites/services or social media.
If you have more questions about Social Eating or if you are unsure about the content you want to broadcast, please feel free to email our team at