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Chat Replay FAQ

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2016 01:05PM PDT

Chat Replay FAQ

This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions for Chat Replay on recorded videos.

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Watching recorded video on Twitch is about to get a whole lot better, and a whole lot more like a live experience!

Over the next few weeks Twitch will be rolling out chat replay, a new feature that brings the excitement of Twitch chat to recorded videos. Now, when you watch a recorded stream or highlight, the chat from the live broadcast will show up right next to the video. Chat replay messages will display alongside videos as long as they are available on Twitch. This includes Subscriber notifications, emotes, and badges exactly as they appeared on the live stream.

Chat replay also has moderation features built directly into the interface. Messages deleted due to user time-outs or bans during a live stream will not appear in chat replay, but, since channel moderators cannot always catch everything when it happens, anyone with permission to moderate a particular channel will also be able to delete individual chat messages from that channel’s recorded videos.

Important note: If you previously installed the Rechat extension, be sure to disable the extension for the best Chat Replay experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Will deleted messages appear in chat replay?
    • A: Messages deleted during the live broadcast or as part of chat replay moderation will appear with a <message deleted> placeholder, just as they do on live broadcasts. Unlike live broadcasts, clicking "<message deleted>" on chat replay will not reveal the message underneath.
  • Q: Who can moderate chat replay?
    • A: Anyone with moderator access to a broadcaster’s live chat can also moderate chat messages on that channel’s recorded videos.
  • Q: How do I delete a message in chat replay?
    • A: Click the X next to the message you want to delete.
  • Q: Will deleting a message in chat replay take effect immediately?
    • A: It may take five minutes for the message to be removed from the chat replay, due to caching.
  • Q: Will chat replay expire before a video expires?
    • A: Chat messages will display alongside a video as long as the video is available on Twitch.
  • Q: Is there a minimum number of viewers, chatters, or messages required to see a chat replay?
    • A: Chat replay will be available on all recorded videos, regardless of the number of live viewers.
  • Q: Will chat replay work on mobile?
    • A: Chat replay functionality is not available on mobile at this time.