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Whispers Known Issues

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 06:19AM PDT

Whispers Known Issues

This article describes some of the known issues to Twitch Whispers.

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Twitch Whispers is currently an evolving feature. Therefore, this article will be updated with each new phase of development to keep users as informed as possible with what new additions to expect. This product is in beta so if you discover something that is not listed as known, please fill out this quick feedback reportClick here for Whispers 2.0 beta FAQ and a how-to guide.

Current Known Issues

Multi Tab Sync (these issues are usually resolved when the page is refreshed)

  • Inability to see own Whispers in other Twitch tabs
  • Minimized 1:1 Whispers do not stay minimized across tabs
  • Chats are not consistently marked as read across tabs

Sending and receiving Whispers

  • A small portion of the text in the most recent Whisper received is cut off
  • Sometimes Whispers sent in quick succession do not appear as sent (usually they are sent)
  • Sending Whispers from popout chat can result in incorrect notification counts

UX Issues

  • Whispers do not appear on certain pages, like the Dashboard
  • Double clicking text in Whispers does not highlight the word

Highly requested improvements

  • ‘esc’ keyboard shortcut to minimize Whispers
  • Sounds with notifications