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Twitch Music FAQ

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 10:36AM PST

Twitch Music FAQ

This article provides some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the new Twitch Music category!

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This FAQ has been put together to capture some of your questions, and will be added to over time. This includes certain approved use cases for the Music category, as well as some examples of what is not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Twitch was founded as a community for gamers. Why are you now adding music?
    • A: Our commitment to gaming remains unchanged. Music on Twitch does not come at the expense of all the awesome gaming channels and events we support. We are pursuing this expansion because we think bringing artists, producers, and labels together with gamers will make both even better. Demonstrating that gamers are valuable to music artists and labels is important for the future growth of Twitch and the larger gaming industry.
  • Q: How does this affect content appeals (i.e., muted VODs)?
    • AOur audio recognition system, as it pertains to VODs (past broadcasts/highlights), remains unchanged. However, music tracks available via the Twitch Music Library will not be muted for VODs going forward. 

      If you have the necessary rights to the stream the music in your Twitch broadcast, we want to ensure your VODs are not muted.  If one of your VODs has been muted that you believe contains a track from the Twitch Music Library, please first refer to the Twitch Music Library page - and playlists posted there - to ensure the right version of the track you used was included in your original broadcast.    

      If you believe there was an error, and you have the necessary rights to stream the music in your Twitch broadcast, please note this in your appeal.

  • QWill I be able to export my VODs to YouTube that have music from the Twitch Music Library?
    • ​A: Music from the Twitch Music Library is only cleared for use on Twitch. VODs exported to YouTube are subject to YouTube's Content ID system.
  • QWill there be music besides EDM in the Twitch Music Library?
    • ​A: While the initial launch lineup is focused on EDM, our intention is to add music from all genres to our library.
  • QI have never broadcasted on Twitch before, but I would like to give this music thing a shot. How do I get started?
    • ​A:  Here’s how to get started on Twitch. Essentially, you need a webcam (as the broadcasting of music must be visual), a computer, broadcasting software, and you are ready to go.
Specific Use Cases
  • QI love to create original music. Can I broadcast myself doing that?
    • ​A: Yes! Do it!
  • QI love to sing my original songs. Can I broadcast on Twitch?
    • ​A: Yes! Do it!
  • QCan I host a karaoke or dance party with my friends?
  • QCan I use my Channel to play music like a radio station?
    • ​A : No. The broadcasting of radio-style music-listening shows is an experimental program and is currently reserved on a very limited basis for approved music labels.  If you have the necessary rights and meet the same criteria listed at for contributing music to the Twitch Music Library, you can apply for special authorization from Twitch.
  • QI love singing covers. Is that okay?
    • ​A: No, unless you have the necessary rights from the copyright owner to do so. Performing music created by a musician other than yourself may make your content liable to a DMCA takedown request and may make you liable to a claim from the copyright owner.
  • QI perform my DJ sets at house parties. Can I broadcast those?
    • ​A: No, unless you have the necessary rights from each of the copyright owners to do so. Mixing music created by musicians other than yourself may make your content liable to a DMCA takedown request and may may make you liable to a claim from the copyright owner. The underlying music, including samples, will be subject to Twitch’s audio recognition system. 

      Remember, Twitch is a video platform, so any audio-only content will be subject to takedown.
  • QCan I become a Twitch Partner through music creation?
    • ​A: Yes. As we grow this initiative, we will identify music broadcasters based on viewership and the quality of content. We will update this section over time.
  • QHow do I use the /monstercat channel?
    • A: ​Simply go to and listen. You can lower the video quality to Mobile on that channel without sacrificing audio quality if you have any concerns about bandwidth.
  • QAre there ads on the /monstercat channel?
    • ​A: After the initial pre-roll, there will be no ads [unless the Monstercat broadcast stops].

Additional Notes on Twitch Music Library

  • The Twitch Music Library is a list of tracks that have been made available on a royalty-free basis to Twitch broadcasters for use exclusively on the Twitch platform within Broadcasters’ video streams. These tracks are able to be used in both live broadcasts and VODs on Twitch. These tracks are to be used explicitly in conjunction with a Broadcaster’s video streams on Twitch. Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service still apply.
  • Twitch will maintain the list of tracks as best as possible on an ongoing basis. We may remove tracks from the Twitch Music Library; however, your existing recorded videos that may include these tracks will remain available with the complete audio intact.  If a track is removed from the list, only future video recordings containing that track will be subject to Twitch’s audio recognition system.
  • Remixes and alternate versions of tracks may not always be cleared, so please reference the exact tracks in the Twitch Music Library.
  • The music playlists found on have been made available for your listening pleasure.  Some of the playlists may be created and maintained by third parties and best efforts have been made to ensure that the music tracks included in them remain comprised of only the music listed as freely available and cleared for Twitch Broadcasters to use. If you encounter a track on a playlist currently featured on and that track is no longer listed within the Twitch Music Library, please let us know by emailing