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How Group Chat Works

Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016 06:11AM PDT

Group Chat: The Basics

Group chat is a way to create invite-only chat rooms that exist separately from the traditional channel chat you see on all channels.

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Controlling Privacy

Group Chat has two privacy controls:

Limit invites to your invite-only room

Before or after room creation, you can determine if a) only you and your designated room moderators can invite guests or b) you want to allow your non-moderator guests to be able to invite guests as well. Only the room owner can turn this option on or off.

During room creation, you will see this option as "Allow anyone to invite other Twitch users" below your room name before clicking Create. Uncheck this check box to make sure only you and your group room moderators can send invites.

After room creation, when in your group room view, click the gear box button at the bottom of the chat window and select or deselect Public Invites Enabled.

Limit who can invite you to a group chat
You have the option to limit who can invite you to a group chat room. You can limit based on only receiving invites from channels you follow. To enforce this limit:
  1. Go to Security & Privacy within Settings:
  2. Select the check box at Block invites from strangers.

Creating a Room

You can create a group chat room from any chat room you are in. This can be your channel, a friend's channel, or your dashboard. You can also pop-up out the chat window to keep all of your group chats going while moving around the site.
To create a room:

1. Go to your Dashboard or Channel page.
2. At the top of the chat frame, click the menu button by your channel name.

3. Click the + button at the right of All Chat Rooms.

4. Type a name for the room.
5. Click Create.
6. Inside the room, click the user with + button.

7. Type the Twitch user name of your guest.
8. Click Invite.

Closing a Group Chat Room

To close a group chat room to either a) boot all of the guests if you're the owner or b) leave a particular room:
  1. At the top of the chat frame, click the menu.
  2. Find the room you want to close in the list, hover over it, and click the X that appears.

Managing Users in Group Chat Rooms

Managing users in a group chat room is just like regular chat. You can elevate guests to Moderator status, as well as ignore, ban, and timeout.

Moderators for the channel where the group chat room was created are not automatically invited or granted Moderator status in group chat rooms.