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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016 03:50PM PDT


This article provides important information you might need for Dxtory, as well as instructions for running with XSplit.

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Name: Dxtory
Type: PC Capture Software
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64bit)


Pulls video right from your video card’s buffer

  • Less resource intensive than XSplit’s Screen Region

Can record to file
Screenshot tools
Display ingame frames per second (FPS)
XSplit Compatibility

How to get it: 

Register and download it here.

Step by Step Instructions on Running Dxtory with XSplit

Step 1 - Installing Dxtory

Download installer here. Select "English", click on "Download", and get the latest version. Then, assuming you have XSplit already installed (for .NET Framework 4.0), run the installer .exe and follow the instructions. Run license if you purchased it, or ignore it if you are planning to use the trial. 

Step 2 - Configuring Dxtory

Go to the Dxtory "Video Setting". Click on the bottom yellow icon (the square button closest to "Minimize") and set the width to 1280, and the height to 720. If you are doing 1080p the width is 1920 and the height is 1080. Set the frame rate to 30 and click ok. 

In the Dxtory "Movie Setting" click on the "video camera" tab, which is the fifth icon from the left near the top. You should only have DirectShow Output checked on. Set the frame rate to 30. 

For hotkeys click on the keyboard icon, which is the fourth icon from the left near the top. Change "Start/Stop Movie Capture" hotkey. F12 is usually the screenshot button in games. 

Step 3 - Using Dxtory 

Make sure Dxtory is running. You will notice a blue square Dxtory icon in your Windows Taskbar. You can mouse over to make sure it is Dxtory.

Next, setup XSplit, add Dxtory as a video source by going to Add > Add Camera.. > Dxtory Video 1. You can adjust source accordingly in the preview window by resizing and such using the white mouse-over border. 

Launch the PC Game you want to Capture. If Dxtory is running properly you will see numbers on the top left. 
Start sending video data to XSplit using Dxtory by using the key you have set to “Start/Stop Movie Capture” (F12 is the default). If you see a new set of numbers appear on the top left, Dxtory is properly capturing the video from the game. Check XSplit to make sure by hitting alt-tab. You may see a frozen game screen. Having two monitors where XSplit is located on the one opposite of your game is recommended.