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Creating Highlights and Stream Markers

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 10:42AM PDT
This article will show you how to use Highlights and Stream Markers to curate your Past Broadcasts.

Creating Highlights and Stream Markers

This article will show you how to use Highlights and Stream Markers to curate your Past Broadcasts.

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The Highlighter allow you to curate your Past Broadcasts to create awesome content to grow your channel and engage existing fans when you’re not live. You can highlight a specific part of a VOD by going to the Video Producer.

Creating Highlights

From the Video Producer, select the Past Broadcast you wish to highlight by clicking the (three-dot menu expansion icon) on the right of the VOD listing, or through the Highlight button below the VOD’s title. Remember, Highlights are saved forever on your channel.

You will be sent to the Highlighter with the Past Broadcast loaded and two draggable markers. Drag the left marker to where you want your highlight to start and the right marker to where you want it to end.

Pro Tip: You can also use the text fields below the timeline to set specific start and end times for your highlight.

If you want to create more highlights from the same Past Broadcast, simply click the New Highlight button at the top and drag the markers again. You can also choose to create a new highlight from a different Past Broadcast by clicking New Highlight from Another Broadcast from the drop-down arrow next to the New Highlight button.

After you have the segment you want to highlight, hit the Create Highlights button. You can then add metadata to your highlights so that they’re discoverable and users can understand what’s it about.

Once you’re finished editing the metadata for the highlight, hit Create Highlights. A modal will appear that displays the new highlights you’ve created with options to share the highlights on social media or copy the video links.

Deleting Highlights

If you wish to delete a VOD for any reason, you can. Head to your Video Producer, find the VOD you wish to delete, click the (three-dot menu expansion icon), and then click the Delete button as seen below:

How to Use Stream Markers

With Stream Markers, you and editors of your channel can add markers while you’re live and use them later in the Highlighter for easier editing. In order to add stream markers, a channel must have Past Broadcast storage enabled and streaming live (as opposed to running a Premiere or Rerun).

How to Add Stream Markers

On your Live Dashboard page, there will be a widget labeled Stream Markers. When you want to add a marker to a specific timestamp, simply click the Add marker at … button. You can also add an optional description.

Tip: You can also use the ctrl + b (or + b on Macs) as a keyboard shortcut. The panel must be in focus in order for this to work.

You and your editors can also easily add a stream marker via chat using:



Note: You can now add an optional description when creating stream markers via chat. Descriptions can be up to 140 characters.

If a stream bookmark was created successfully, the chat window responds with a “visible-only-to-you” message to inform you that the bookmark was created as well as a link to view the stream’s bookmarks in the Highlighter.

Example of a chat command with description:

/marker game start


Note: You can create Stream Markers on mobile. Visit your mobile dashboard, tap the info button in the top-right corner of your screen, and scroll down to add your marker and description.

How to View Stream Markers

After you’ve added stream markers, you can view them in the Highlighter tool. When highlighting the Past Broadcast for that stream, you will see your stream markers displayed on the editing timeline. Use your markers to decide which sections of your Past Broadcast would make for engaging highlights or clips for your viewers.

Tip: You can also download a .csv that contains the exact timestamps and descriptions of your stream markers.