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Thursday Night Football on Twitch

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 05:47PM PDT
This article provides some information on Thursday Night Football on Twitch and how you can watch!

Thursday Night Football on Twitch

This article provides some information on Thursday Night Football on Twitch and how you can watch!

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Catch Thursday Night Football (TNF) on Twitch by heading over to!

*Also available on FOX, NFL Network, and Prime Video on Thursdays at 8:20pm ET. Availability subject to blackout.

How can I watch Thursday Night Football?

You can watch Thursday Night Football on the Twitch website using Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You can also catch the stream on the Twitch mobile app as long as you’re on the latest app version!

Unfortunately Thursday Night Football cannot be viewed on fire tv, consoles, mobile browsers, non-supported web browsers and Chromecast.

Do I need to be a Twitch Prime member to watch?

Not at all, Thursday Night Football is free to view. Ads that run during the broadcast will be seen by all viewers (Twitch Prime and Twitch Turbo users included).

How can I share this stream?

Feel free to share links to the channel with your friends and family, however please note that co-streaming is not permitted unless you are a whitelisted partner and rebroadcasted content is subject to DMCA.

What is the TNF Live Extension?

The Thursday Night Football Extension allows viewers of to make the right calls and rule the leaderboard for bragging rights. Viewers can also access detailed real-time stats without having to look away.

This Extension is only available on the Prime Video channel (, whitelisted co-streaming channels will not feature the Thursday Night Football Extension.

  • Q. How do I know if I’m making good calls?
    • A. The Leaderboard feature is available at all times. You’ll be able to view the top scoring Twitch users and see where you stand. Also, during the game, after each bonus question and after each quarter, you can view the calls you have scored points on by clicking on the Results button.
  • Q. What are Bonus Questions?
    • A. If you are a faithful fan and looking to score maximum points in the extension, you’ll have between 1-3 opportunities during each quarter where you can make a call on the outcome of the current drive. These Bonus opportunities are only available for 60 seconds and then disappear.
  • Q. Will extension be available week to week and is it cumulative?
    • A. Yes! This extension and the leaderboard are cumulative of the entire season and the Leaderboard will continue to change. The only question is, will your name be at the top at the end of the season?

What is Cheer for Charity?

This October, during all our Thursday Night Football broadcasts, for every 100 bits cheered on, Twitch will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society. So make your voice heard and cheer like crazy for whoever you’re supporting.