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Purchasing Items within Extensions

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 12:09PM PST
This article explains how viewers can make purchases within Extensions on Partner and Affiliate channel pages.

Purchasing Items within Extensions

This article explains how viewers can make purchases within Extensions on Partner and Affiliate channel pages.

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You can now purchase digital goods within Extensions on Partner and Affiliate channel pages. Revenue from the purchase is shared with participating Partners and Affiliates. This program is currently in beta.

How to purchase an item within an Extension

Click the item you want to buy in the Extension to initiate the purchase flow.

Link your Twitch & Amazon accounts.

Enter your payment details and click Pay Now to confirm your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What types of items are for sale within an Extension?
    • A. The list of items for sale varies by Extension and are generally set up by third parties. Items include consumables, durables, or other types of digital goods that can be used within the Extension, such as pet food for a pet game.
  • Q. How are In-Extension purchases used?
    • A. If you make a purchase within an Extension, you will be able to see and use your digital purchase within the Extension.
  • Q. What payment methods can I use to buy items within an Extension?
    • A. In-Extension digital items can be purchased via Amazon using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. You’ll need an Amazon account to make a purchase.
  • Q. How do I see a record of the items that I’ve purchased within Extensions?
    • A. You can view a list of your purchased items in your Amazon Order history under Digital Orders.
  • Q. Are In-Extension purchases available on mobile?
    • A. Not at this time. We are working to bring Extensions to mobile devices soon.
  • Q. In which countries are In-Extension purchases available?
    • A. Digital item sales within Extensions are available in countries that Amazon supports. Payments are made using an Amazon account, and all pricing is in US dollars.
  • Q. How is my purchase revenue shared with Partners and Affiliates?
    • A. If you purchase a digital item within an Extension on a partner or affiliate channel page, a participating Partner or Affiliate will receive a portion of the purchase price, less items such as taxes or discounts.
  • Q. I have a problem with my purchase. Who can I reach out to?
    • A. Please contact customer support here.
  • Q. I am a Partner / Affiliate. How can I participate in the In-Extension Purchases beta?
    • A. The In-Extension purchases beta is currently closed, but we’re hoping to roll this out to all Partners and Affiliates in the near future.