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Earning Revenue from In-Extension Purchases

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018 12:49PM PDT
This article explains how Partners and Affiliates can earn revenue from the sale of digital items within Extensions on your channel page.

Earning Revenue from In-Extension Purchases

This article explains how Partners and Affiliates can earn revenue from the sale of digital items within Extensions on your channel page.

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Partners and affiliates participating in the In-Extension Purchases beta can now earn revenue from the sale of digital items within certain Extensions on your channel page.

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How It Works

  1. Install and activate an Extension that has enabled the sale of digital items. These Extensions include the label Purchases in the Extension Manager.
  2. To the extent you are a Partner or Affiliate, when your viewers purchase a digital item for sale within the Extension on your channel page, you may be eligible to earn a portion of the sale.
  3. Partners and Affiliates will be paid 45 days after the end of the month in which your accrued revenue balance reaches $100. You can track your Extensions Revenue via your Channel Analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. I am a Partner / Affiliate. How can I participate in In-Extension Purchases?
    • A. There are currently two programs involving In-Extension Purchases. The first is an Extension that facilitates the sale of in-game PUBG items. All streamers may install and activate this Extension, but only Partners and Affiliates may be eligible to earn revenue from sales on their channel. The second is a beta program that is currently closed, but we're hoping to roll this out to all Partners and Affiliates in the near future.
  • Q. Can I participate and earn revenue if I’m not a Partner or Affiliate broadcaster?
    • A. You may install and activate an extension with In-Extension purchases for your viewers to buy digital items. However, only Partner and Affiliate broadcasters may be eligible for a revenue share and payout.
  • Q. How do I know which Extensions include In-Extension purchases?
    • A. Extensions that enable digital item sales will include the label “Purchases” in the Extension Manager. Once you install, configure, and activate an Extension, it will show up on your channel page, and viewers on your channel will then be able to see, buy, and use digital goods within the Extension.
  • Q. In which countries will In-Extension purchases be available?
    • A. Digital item sales within Extensions are available in countries that Amazon supports. Payments are made using an Amazon account, and all pricing is in US dollars.
  • Q. What is the revenue share to Partners & Affiliates?
    • A. For sales of in-game PUBG items through Extensions on their channel pages, participating Partners and Affiliates will receive 10% of the purchase price less items such as taxes or discounts. Additionally, if the purchased item is celebrity-themed, then the celebrity (who may or may not be the broadcaster of the channel from where the purchase originated) may receive additional revenue. For the beta program, Partners and Affiliates will generally receive 50% of the revenue generated from the sale of digital items within Extensions purchased from their channel pages. For items also available through game sales, however, Partners & Affiliates will earn 5% of the sale. The In-Extensions Purchases programs, including revenue share, may be adjusted from time to time or deprecated by Twitch in its discretion.
  • Q. How are In-Extension purchases fulfilled / used?
    • A. Generally, third parties own and drive the fulfillment of digital goods purchased via Extensions, not Twitch. For non-PUBG items, viewers will be able to see and use their digital purchases within the Extension. Note that the Extension must be installed and activated within your channel page for your viewers to use the non-PUBG digital item
  • Q. What happens to my viewers’ purchased digital items if I stop using an Extension with In-Extensions purchases?
    • A. If you choose to uninstall or deactivate an Extension with in-Extensions purchases, your viewers will no longer be able to use non-PUBG digital items they purchased on your channel, unless you reactivate the Extension. Please avoid deactivating an Extension in a disruptive manner because it will impact your viewer’s experience of their purchase.
  • Q. Where can I find revenue information for In-Extension purchases?
    • A. You can track revenue from In-Extensions purchases under Extensions Revenue via your Channel Analytics. It will show you the total revenue earned from In-Extension Purchases, but will not include detail on what items were sold or who purchased the items.
  • Q. Are In-Extension purchases available on mobile?
    • A. Not at this time. We are working to bring Extensions to mobile devices soon.
  • Q. Will there be alerts/notifications available so I can give a shoutout or trigger an overlay when someone purchases a digital item within an Extension activated on my channel page?
    • A. Viewers have the option to share their purchase on the channel’s chat if they choose to.