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Ad Offer FAQ

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 09:01AM PST
This article elaborates on Ad Offers and frequently asked questions regarding them

Ad Offer FAQ

This article elaborates on Ad Offers and frequently asked questions regarding them

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How do I know if I am part of an offer?
    • A. You will see a notification on your live dashboard, along with extra information in the Run Ad module and on your revenue page. You also may have received an email.
  • Q. Who received this offer?
    • A. Right now we are testing this offer with a select group of partners from around the world.
  • Q. I did not receive an email or notification, can I still participate?
    • A. Unfortunately, this offer is still being tested and there is no way to join in right now. The good news is that once we see how streamers and viewers feel after trying it out, we hope to expand and will let you know when you can join.
  • Q. How does it work?
    • A. Partners included in testing this feature will see information on how many mid-roll ads they should run every hour that they are streaming. These targets might be different from partner to partner, so make sure you check your ad module on the live page or the revenue page to see your goals. If a partner hits their target, they will receive a bonus ad revenue payout.

      The percentage increase to payout is based on total ad revenue, not total revenue, and will be calculated on a weekly basis.

      This offer runs from Sunday, December 3, 2017 to Sunday, December 24, 2017.

  • Q. How are you calculating how many Ads I run?
    • A. When you click on the run ad button and it successfully triggers (no error messages, etc.), it counts as an “ad run”. We count how many seconds of ad breaks you run per hour to calculate your ad density.

      If you have a goal of 120 seconds per hour, for example, you can choose to run 4 30-second ads, 2 60-second ads, or even 1 120-second ad.

  • Q. How can I see if I am going to hit my target?
    • A. You will see feedback on how you are tracking versus your target on the Run Ad Break widget on the Live dashboard and on the revenue page. You can also check your historic ad running on the stats page of the streamer dashboard.
  • Q. Will I get an extra bonus if I go over my target?
    • A. You will not get a higher bonus % if you go over your target. However, your bonus will be calculated on all of your ad revenue so you will still benefit from running more ads than your target.