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Twitch Merchandise Store Support FAQ

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2017 01:06PM PDT
This article explains frequently asked questions related to Twitch merchandise.

Twitch Merchandise Store Support FAQ

This article explains frequently asked questions related to Twitch merchandise.

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Below is a summary of frequently asked questions regarding Twitch merchandise purchases and more. If your question is not answered in the FAQs below, please email us!

General Twitch Merchandise FAQ

  • Q. How do I find Twitch merchandises?
    • A. You can view our Twitch merchandise two different ways:

      Currently you can only view through the Amazon Mobile App, and of course both of these sites can be viewed in a web browser on your desktop machine or mobile phone.

  • Q. I don’t have an Amazon Account, how do I get one?
    • All you need is an email address to register. You can either start out at or go directly to New Amazon Account creation here.

      For now, is the only place you’ll be able to get Twitch merchandise online.

  • Q. I have Twitch Prime! Does it work with Twitch merchandise?
    • A. Yes! Twitch Prime and Prime members in the US will enjoy the added benefit of 2-day shipping on all merchandise purchased on

      Prime members outside the US will not be eligible at this time for the shipping benefits.

  • Q. Can I gift Twitch merchandise to my friends?
    • A. Yes! If your friends live in the US or the countries noted with FBA Exports (see more on International Shipping FAQ here), you can gift to your friends. Simply change the recipient and shipping address during the checkout process.

      To make it even more special, you can add a personalized gift note in the package. View more here on how gifting on Amazon works.

  • Q. Do I need to connect my Twitch Account to my Amazon Account to purchase Twitch merchandise?
    • A. Currently, we don’t require that you connect your Amazon Account to Twitch to purchase merchandise.
  • Q. If I buy Twitch merchandise, do I get a Twitch Crate?
    • A. Currently, you will not earn a Twitch Crate by purchasing merchandise.
  • Q. Can I buy games on Twitch and Merch together?
    • A. Currently, you will not be able to purchase games alongside merchandise on Twitch.
  • Q. Will items being offered at events like TwitchCon be available online?
    • A. While there’s always a chance we’ll decide to sell event products online, we cannot make a guarantee it’ll happen.

International Shipping

  • Q. I am not a US customer, how can I get my hands on Twitch merchandise?
    • A. If you’re in the list of countries supported through FBA exports, found here, you will be eligible to purchase products for export from You will be responsible for extra shipping fees, customs fees and taxes related to your purchase prior to check-out. Take a look at estimated international fees here.

      In the event Amazon overestimated the cost of shipping, customs or taxes - the difference will be remitted back to you automatically.

  • Q. If I’m shipping out of the US, what will my shipping costs be?
    • A. We can’t give you an exact amount, but can give you an idea of what the cost could be here.
  • Q. What products are eligible for international shipping?
    • A. Our goal is to make every item available to our international community, however, certain items may not be available due to external constraints.

      To view if an item is eligible, you can select the country from a dropdown on the product, located under “Add to Cart.”

Purchase FAQ

  • Q. How do I purchase an item?
    • A. You will need an Amazon Account.

      Like any other purchase on Amazon, you’ll be taken through the standard checkout process.

  • Q. I have an Amazon Gift Card/Code. How do I use it?
    • A. To redeem an Amazon Gift Card or Code, you’ll need to apply the code directly to your Amazon Account to use as funds. For more information on how to do that, please visit here.
  • Q. I’ve ordered an item, can I cancel it?
    • A. If the item hasn’t entered the shipping process, yes! To learn more on how to do this visit Amazon.
  • Q. Can I change my delivery address and/or size after ordering if it hasn’t shipped yet?
    • A. If the item hasn’t entered the shipping process, you can from your orders page! To learn more on how to do this visit Amazon.
  • Q. I’m having an issue with purchasing Twitch merchandise on Amazon, where can I get help?
    • A. You can contact Amazon Customer Support by going here.

      You will need to be logged into your Amazon Account to work with an Amazon representative.

  • Q. What is the exchange and/or return policy for purchased or gifted Twitch merchandise?
    • A. The Amazon Returns Center can give you guidance on asking for a refund, exchange or viewing your status on a returned item. This includes returning gifts as well. Keep in mind Amazon follows a 30-Day policy on returns, so be sure to act fast so you don’t lose out.
  • Q. My Twitch merchandise arrived damaged. How can I get this fixed?
    • A. Amazon helps with damaged or defective items. This link can direct you on how to return damaged goods so you can be sure to get your merchandise in tip top shape.
  • Q. My item never arrived (it’s missing or lost), who do I talk to?
    • A. Unsure why something you ordered didn’t get there or tracking says delivered but you’ve never seen it? Amazon Shipping and Delivery can help you work through finding out “Where’s My Stuff?
  • Q. How can I view the status of my order?
    • A. With an account on, you can easily view the status and tracking of your order here (you will be required to login to view your orders).

      For more information on viewing your order status or tracking, please view more on how to “Track Your Package.”

Product FAQ

  • Q. What sizes are available for apparel?
    • A. The sizes can vary depending on the product you’re looking at, but we aim to support anywhere from X-Small to a 4X-Large in as many items as we can.
  • Q. A Product I want shows that it’s sold out. Will you bring it back?
    • A. While we plan to maintain a core assortment of always available items, we cannot guarantee every product will return.
  • Q. How long until an item is back in stock?
    • A. We cannot give you exact timelines, but we always aim to ensure we replenish stock as soon as possible.
  • Q. I want to tell you my thoughts on the product, where can I do that?
    • A. We want to hear from you! The best way to reach us is to leave a Customer Review on the Amazon Details Page of the Product itself.