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Gear on Amazon

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 02:26PM PST
This article explains Gear on Amazon and how you can start earning through Amazon Associates on Twitch.

Gear on Amazon

This article explains Gear on Amazon and how you can start earning through Amazon Associates on Twitch.

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Gear on Amazon

Introducing Gear on Amazon, which provides the tools right in your Twitch dashboard to make it easy to earn through Amazon Associates on Twitch. Your viewers often ask “What’s your PC build? Which peripherals do you use? What’s your favorite snack bar?” Gear on Amazon lets you configure a list with the products you prefer and recommend. Gear on Amazon is available to Twitch Partners and Affiliates. Using Gear on Amazon, you can quickly configure a list of your recommended products that will appear on your channel page. Say “goodbye” to messy text links. Configure your native and easy to use product list so your viewers can easily find the info on your page and purchase your recommended products.

What is the Amazon Associates Program?

The Amazon Associates Program has long been providing a way for people and companies to earn when they recommend products on Gear on Amazon allows you to earn revenue by posting links to Amazon products on your Twitch channel. When your viewers click on your links, you receive a commission for any qualifying purchases they make on Amazon. Using Gear on Amazon, the setup process is faster and easier than ever before, and integrated into your Twitch dashboard. Also, Twitch Partners and Affiliates get higher commission rates for particular products purchased via Gear on Amazon links. Click here to see the exclusive promotional rates for Partners and Affiliates. To see other Amazon Associates rates, click here.

What does Gear on Amazon look like?

Your Gear on Amazon looks like an enhanced panel on your channel page.

Why should I do it?

  • A few minutes to set up, and start earning!
  • When your viewers ask you about your keyboard, CPU, gaming chair, mouse or monitor, you can now make it easy for them to find this info on your channel page.
  • Earn a referral fee for qualifying products your viewers purchase on

Who can use Gear on Amazon?

  • Twitch Partners and Affiliates can join the Associates Program and use Gear on Amazon to earn on Twitch.

What are the higher promotional commission rates for Twitch Partners and Affiliates using Gear on Amazon?

Starting November 23rd, 2017, Twitch Partners and Affiliates will earn higher commission rates on some categories when purchases are made via Gear on Amazon links, including:

  • PC products 4%, increased from 2.5%
  • Office Products (including Gaming Chairs within this category) 5%, increased from 4%
  • Luxury Beauty (for him and her) 12%, increased from 10%
  • Physical Video Games 2%, increased from 1%
  • Digital Video Games 10%, instead of 2%

To see other Amazon Associates rates, click here.

How do I participate?

  • Go to the “Extensions Manager” in your dashboard, find Gear on Amazon, and follow the instructions. You can also install Gear on Amazon here.
  • Follow the instructions to sign up to Amazon Associates and enter your title and description. If you already have an Associates account, you can use your existing account.
  • Configure your Gear on Amazon list from Twitch by adding your gear, PC build, peripherals or any eligible product you want to share with your audience!
  • Submit your list and you’re all set! You can start earning.
  • Go to Associates Central to check your revenue.

How do I get paid?

Set up your payment information and your tax information by clicking on the corresponding links in the Gear on Amazon list configuration. You can then complete the corresponding interviews on the Amazon Associates site. You will need to do this even if you have already completed tax interviews on Twitch.

What are the terms of service for the Associates Program?

See the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement. For support, please contact the Associates Customer Service.

Tips and Tricks

  • Add up to 20 products to your gear list! Choose between product thumbnails and product icons to help your viewers understand what you recommend.
  • You can customize your Gear on Amazon list by picking colors matching your other panels.
    • If you use a light background, the product thumbnails work well. You can also use icons.
    • If you use a dark background, icons may be a nicer design.
  • We recommend that you locate your Gear on Amazon among your first panels. This will help your audience find the products easily, and you can end up earning more!
  • To receive your payment, please remember to complete your tax and payment information within Amazon Associates.
  • You can recommend any eligible product in your gear list from millions of products in the Amazon catalog. Please keep in mind that referral fees are for product recommendations. Encouraging your users to bookmark your link or use it for all their purchases is against the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.
  • If you already have an Amazon Associates account and also use it outside of Twitch, we recommend that you create a new account for your other websites.

This list is not comprehensive. For additional support, please visit the or contact Associates Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the Amazon Associates Program and why should I use it on Twitch?
    • A. The Amazon Associates Program has long been providing a way for people and companies to earn when they recommend products on Amazon. Gear on Amazon was designed specifically for Twitch and is a way for broadcasters to monetize their channel and help their viewers at the same time. Whenever someone clicks on an Amazon product link with an affiliate tag from your channel and purchases qualifying products, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Your viewers trust you and want to know your favorite gear, PC setup, products and even snacks! Using the Amazon Associates Program is a way to convert this expertise into additional revenue.
  • Q. If I promote Amazon products, won’t my channel become too commercial? Will I alienate my audience?
    • A. Gear on Amazon was developed specifically for Twitch by request. Broadcasters wanted a way to share their recommendations and be compensated. We encourage you to promote products that you find relevant, or want to recommend so it truly resonates with your audience.
  • Q. How much will I get paid? Is the revenue share the same for all products?
    • A. The revenue share varies depending on the product category. You can see the complete list here.
  • Q. I'm a broadcaster but I'm not a gamer, can I still use it?
    • A. Yes! As long as you are a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliate, you can totally use Gear on Amazon and join the Amazon Associates Program regardless of your gaming status. You can promote any product you deem relevant for your audience. Some broadcasters promote their musical instruments, others share their photography equipment. Whether you are cooking, painting or working on a project, you can link to related products on Amazon and earn from qualifying purchases. Millions of products available on will be accessible from the dashboard.
  • Q. Can I sign up if I am not in the US?
    • A. Yes, you can sign up to the US Amazon Associates Program regardless of where you live. You have the ability to link to products available on Check back soon for details on other countries.
  • Q. Can I link to, or another site?
    • A. If you want to use Gear on Amazon, at the moment you can sign up to the US Amazon Associates program and link to products exclusively. You can still create your Associates account and add links elsewhere in your Panels for other countries where Amazon is present. Check back soon for details on international expansion.
  • Q. How many products can I add to my Gear on Amazon list? Can I create multiple lists?
    • A. You can add up to 20 products to your Gear on Amazon list. At the moment you can only have one gear list, but check back as we are always innovating on our features and offerings.
  • Q. Where can I check my earnings?
  • Q. Who can use it?
    • A. Twitch Partners and Affiliates are eligible to create a Gear on Amazon list.
  • Q. Can I use these experiences on mobile, mobile browsers, consoles, etc.?
    • A. Gear on Amazon is available on desktop only.
  • Q. I already have links on my Panels, can I keep using them?
    • A. You can use your existing Associates links in your Panels and/or Gear on Amazon on your channel. Gear on Amazon’s purpose is to create a consistent experience on broadcasters’ channels, this way viewers will know where to look and what to look for when they want to know about your gear. If you are already using links in your Panels, please make sure that you are recommending individual products. Encouraging viewers to bookmark a generic Amazon Associates link is against the Amazon Associates Operating Agreement.