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Twitch Rewrite Roll-Out

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2017 02:00PM PST
This article provides information on the ongoing work to improve the Twitch experience via a software rewrite.

Twitch Rewrite Roll-Out

This article provides information on the ongoing work to improve the Twitch experience via a software rewrite.

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The underlying software framework that powers Twitch on web has been rewritten to give users a faster, more stable experience when loading and navigating the site.

Starting 11/6, we will begin rolling out the web rewrite (hosted on to everyone over 1-2 days. Following that rollout, we will merge the new, faster site back onto, and you will no longer see in your browser address bar.


It is no secret: Twitch is growing. We have more viewers and more streamers in more parts of the world than ever before, and we continue to release new features that give you more ways to interact with the Twitch community.

As Twitch has changed over the past six years, so has software technology. Upgrading the web-framework that supports all of our site features lets us take advantage of improvements in software development to create a faster, more stable Twitch.

By making Twitch faster, we can help your streams reach more people around the world and help you grow your communities.

What's changing?

In most cases, this is temporary, and features will be integrated back into the main site in the coming weeks. See the full “Features Coming Soon” list below for details.

Some pages will continue to use the legacy foundation for the next several months (the Dashboard, for example) and will be updated at a later date. See the full “Legacy Pages” list below.

Features Coming Soon

  • Featured Collections on channel page video tabs
  • Group Chat and Chat rooms (to be replaced by Rooms)
  • Profile Banners on channel pages

Legacy Pages

  • Create a Community (expected late November)
  • Community Moderation
  • All Dashboard pages
  • All Video Manager pages
  • Channel Page Events (expected mid November)
  • Friends/Friend Requests
  • Channel Page Followers/Following (expected early December)
  • Game Details (expected late November)
  • Inventory
  • Messages
  • Subscriptions
  • Teams

Known Issues

  • Links sent in Whispers are not clickable
  • VOD progress is not saved correctly
  • Theatre Mode does not work correctly with Safari
  • Hotkeys to open Theatre Mode and show/hide Chat do not work
  • Moving from Theater Mode to Fullscreen in chrome can result in broken elements