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Guide to Earning Game Revenue for Affiliates

Last Updated: Jul 13, 2017 07:02AM PDT

Guide to Earning Game Revenue for Affiliates

This article explains how Affiliates can earn revenue from sales of games and in-game items that originate from their channel page.

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In the spring of 2017 Twitch will launched a new initiative to allow the sale of games and in-game items on Twitch. Affiliates can earn a 5% share of the revenue from purchases that originate from their channel page.


How it works:
When you are broadcasting a game that is available on Twitch, an offer to buy the game or in-game item(s) will automatically appear on your channel page in a new area just below the video window. This offer area will appear on all channel pages whether the streamer is an Affiliate, Partner, or not.

Only Partners and Affiliates are eligible to earn revenue through this program (5% share of the purchase price).

Rewards for Viewers who Purchase:
When viewers buy a game or in game item on Twitch for at least $4.99, they get a Twitch Crate that contains surprises. It could be an exclusive emote, chat badge, or some Bits. We may add new types of content over time. So your viewers will always get something extra when they buy, plus they get to help support you just by buying a game.

All this happens without any effort from you, once you have signed up to be an Affiliate.. We set this up to be automated so you don not have to do any selling. Just play and enjoy and do what you do best.


This revenue will appear in your revenue dashboard under Game Sales and will be paid out with your regular payout.

To find out which games and in game items are for sale on Twitch, watch the Twitch blog and follow @Twitch twitter feed where we will announce all new content as it becomes available. When you input the title of the game you will be playing while setting up your broadcast, a green icon with a $ will appear next to the title if that game or its in-game content is available for sale.
  • Q: In which countries will game purchase be available?
    • A: At launch, game purchase will available in countries that Amazon supports, and in US dollars only, using an Amazon account. Support for local currencies will be added in the coming months..
  • Q: What is the rev share to Partners and Affiliates?
    • A: The standard agreement with Partners and Affiliates is 5% of the revenue generated from the sale of games and in-game items that are purchased from their channel page.
  • Q: How are games and in-game items purchased on Twitch fulfilled/downloaded?
    • A: Games can be downloaded and played via the Twitch App, or through existing developer or publisher-operated services like Uplay via account linking. In-game items are fulfilled directly to the game by linking your Twitch account to your game account.
  • Q: Will statistics be available on my dashboard?
    • A: You will see a new item on your revenue report called Game Sales. It will show the total revenue earned from game purchases, but will not have detail on what items were sold or to whom. We are working on more robust reporting in your dashboard.
  • Q: Can I opt out?
    • A: Our goal was to make this really easy for partners to add a new revenue stream with no extra work from you. So this is set up to just automatically appear on channel pages when an available game is being played, and there is no opt out.
  • Q: I'm a one game broadcaster, and I feel left out of this product. Will there be future plans that will include me?
    • A: In the near term our goal is to grow the game catalog to the point where “if you can watch it on Twitch, you can buy it on Twitch,” and that includes in game items as well as games. In the medium term, yes, what we are building will allow for all kinds of things including merchandise sales, gaming gear etc. but we are not ready to announce any of that yet.
  • Q: How are games fulfilled? Are you selling Steam Codes?
    • A: We are not selling Steam codes. Twitch users will download and play some games, including all Amazon Game Studios games, via the Twitch App (formerly known as Curse). Other games will be fulfilled through an existing service such as Ubisoft’s Uplay linking Twitch ID and game ID accounts.
  • Q: Will this interfere with other sponsorship deals I have?
    • A: We want you to keep doing all the other sponsorships you are doing. This should just be a little icing on the cake for you.
  • Q: Will there be alerts/notifications available so I can give a shoutout or trigger an overlay when someone buys?
    • A: This will not be available at launch but will be added as soon as possible after launch.
  • Q: What regions is game purchase available in? Will all partners be able to earn?
    • A: Purchase is available in countries where Amazon supports, and payments are made using an Amazon account. At launch, all pricing is in US dollars. We will add support for more currencies in the coming months. This will be available to all partners.
  • Q: How do can my viewers download games they get on Twitch?
    • A: Games purchased on Twitch can be downloaded and played via the Twitch App, or through existing services like Uplay.
  • Q: How many/which games will be available at launch?
    • A: To see the full list of available games, click here.
  • Q: If I’m not a Partner or an Affiliate, can viewers buy games from my channel page?
    • A: An offer to buy a game or in game content will appear on all broadcaster channel pages when a game is being played that is offered for sale by Twitch. Only Partners and Affiliates are eligible to earn revenue through this program.