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Guide to Using Vodcast

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017 11:34AM PDT
This article explains the purpose and features of Pulse as a new place to connect and engage, as well as how to use it and other frequently asked questions.

Guide to Using Vodcast

This article explains how to start a vodcast and create a live viewing experience around your videos.

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Vodcasts are a great way to engage your followers in a co-viewing session where you can watch content with them live while interacting through chat.

How to Start a Vodcast

To begin, load your dashboard and in the top right you will see a Vodcast widget.

Click the “Add Videos” button and add videos or highlights to your Vodcast queue.

Arrange the order of your queue by hovering over the right side of the queued item and dragging up or down.

To have your stream information automatically updated based on the game information for each individual item in your queue, toggle on the “Autoupdate Game Information” option.

Once your queue is set up, start the Vodcast.

While the Vodcast is live, be sure to interact in chat with your viewers!

You can end the Vodcast and go offline at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is Vodcast different than Playlists?
    • A. We took many of the learnings and feedback from the Playlist beta and incorporated it into Vodcast. The main difference is that Vodcast is a way to create live experiences around VOD content. Our hope is to make Vodcast a new way for creators to build their community by making it easier to interact via chat, integrating opportunities to monetize, and providing more ways for viewers to discover creators.
  • Q: How will people know I’ve started a Vodcast?
    • A. When you start a Vodcast, followers with notifications turned on will receive notifications letting them know that you’ve started a Vodcast. The Vodcast will be discoverable through live channel directories with a “Vodcast” tag. Additionally, a white dot with the text “Vodcast” will appear on the player overlay, showing that you are live, and a grey dot will appear next to your channel name in Followed Channels lists.
  • Q: How will views of a video during a Vodcast be counted?
    • A: Views of videos during a vodcast will count towards the total view counts for the individual videos.
  • Q: Can I play an ad during a Vodcast?
    • A: Yes, all the live dashboard tools are at your disposal for Vodcasts, including chat, streaming to a Community, and playing an ad during a broadcast.
  • Q: How many videos can I add to a Vodcast queue?/li>
    • A: 200.
  • Q: Can I edit my queue once I start the Vodcast?
    • A: When you start your Vodcast, you’ll be going live, and you won’t be able to re-order your queue once it starts playing. However, you can manually override the order and play any video in your queue. You can also end the broadcast or go offline at any time.
  • Q: How does moderation work for Vodcasts?
    • A: The same chat tools and settings you have normally will apply to Vodcasts.