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How to Use Events

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017 09:59AM PDT

How to Use Events

This article explains Events and shows how to create, view, subscribe, and share them.

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The Events feature makes it easier than ever to alert your audience about upcoming special streams, charity drives, and other events which stand out from your normal streaming schedule. This allows the broadcaster to quickly create, view, subscribe, and share those events from a tab which is included on channel pages. Additionally, Channel Editors will be able to assist the streamer by helping manage these events.

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How to Create Events
How to View Events
How to Subscribe to Events
How to Share Events
Channel Editors and Events
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. First, go to your Dashboard and click on the tab marked Event Manager:


  2. Click Create Event and fill in your future event details:


    • Double-check the timezone of your post, as it should default to your current time
    • Your event must last at least 30 minutes
    • Images are highly recommended for visibility and should be .JPG only, less than 1MB and 676px wide by 380px tall for best results
    • You can instantly share it to Channel Feed and Pulse by checking the box at the bottom and giving it a description

  3. If you get interupted and click away, you will be asked to confirm:


  4. If you are happy with the Event settings, clicking "I'm Done" will return you to your Dashboard list of future events
Note: Events, as with all user generated content, are subject to the Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • In the Dashboard Events tab, you will find a link to "View Events on Channel", where you would see Events in a tab on your channel the same way your visitors will see them, shown below:


  • From here, you can easily see the date, time, image, share links, and title of upcoming and past events, converted into your time zone automatically.

  • Clicking the title or image for the event takes you to a page which gives you more details, including a description, ways to subscribe or add to various popular calendars, and report the event if if breaks the Twitch Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.
  • Clicking the Share button from any of the views will allow you to quickly share to Pulse, along with other social networks.


  • Channel editors can create, edit, and delete events on behalf of the broadcaster
  • Editors can navigate directly to the broadcaster's dashboard by adding "/dashboard/events" to the end of the URL for the broadcaster. (A quick way to find out who you have editor access for is to go to your own Dashboard, then click the "Editor" tab, and scroll down to the "Dashboards" area to find quick links into the dashboard(s) you have access to)


  • Q: Do Events display on the mobile app?
    • A: At launch, no.
  • Q: Can Editors post Events to the broadcaster's channel feed?
    • A: No, that option is visible only when the broadcaster is the one creating the event.
  • Q: Are reoccuring events supported?
    • A: Not at this time.