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Twitch App's Game Library

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2017 01:55PM PDT
This is an overview of the Game Library in the Twitch App. It will give you brief overlook of how it works in the Twitch App.

Twitch App's Game Library

This is an overview of the Game Library feature, and how it wqorks within the Twitch App.

Overview of the Game Library in the Twitch App. Let us know!

Twitch is taking another step to further strengthen the community and benefit streamers and viewers alike by allowing you to buy games and in-game content directly on Twitch. Once you’ve purchased a game, you will be able to install and launch it directly through the Twitch App. You can find a list of the supported games here.

Your Game Library

You can find your Game Library by clicking on the console controller icon in the purple bar to the left of your Twitch App.

You can check out how to purchase games via the Twitch help Article. The Game Library section of Twitch App will be empty when you first visit prior to purchasing any games.

Locate Your Games

Once you have purchased your game from Twitch you will get a notice stating that the purchase was successful.

If you go back to the Twitch App after purchasing, your game may not display in your Game Library immediately. Simply click on the Refresh Games button.

Once refreshed your games should appear.

Once a game is purchased, and is in your Games Library it cannot be removed. You may uninstall the game from your computer, but the game will still appear in your Games Library.

Install Your Games

To install games using the Twitch App you will need to have administrative access to your computer.

Once the game is displaying in your Game Library, you can install it fairly easy. Hover over the game's icon until you see the Install button in the middle. Click on it.

You will receive a popup where you can choose the location to install your games, and if you would like to create a desktop shortcut.

Next, click the Download and install button. You will then see a status window showing the installation progress.

Downloading and installing your game can take some time. Once installed, you will see a Play and Exit button.

Play and Maintain Your Games

Now that you have your game installed; when you hover over the game's graphic you will see a Play button. Clicking on that will launch the game!

You will also have a few more option when you click on the ••• in the lower right corner.

From here you can create a Desktop Shortcut or Uninstall the game.

Play and Maintain Your Games

Please be aware this feature is only available on PC. Please read the game’s requirements carefully before purchasing to ensure it will work properly on your PC.

If you are having issues with your purchase process or with receiving your item, please open a ticket here and select the reason from the dropdown menu so that you can receive proper assistance with your issue.

If you are having issues with the Twitch App please check out our Troubleshooting Guide.

If you continue to have issues please submit a Bug Report to our team.