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Friend Sync 101

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2018 03:54PM PDT
Walks you through your Friend Sync feature and it's settings. Friend Sync brings you and your friends together

Friend Sync 101

Walks you through your Friend Sync feature and it's settings.

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Friend Sync brings you and your friends together in an easy and quick fashion. So what exactly is Friend Sync and how does it work?

What is Friend Sync?

Friend Sync is a feature that connects you with your friends from supported platforms or games with little work from you.

The feature detects if you use any of the supported platforms or games, finds your friends from those games and platforms, and then determines whether they are on the Twitch App as well. If there’s a match, Friend Sync lets you know and also gives you an option to display your Game Identities in your Twitch App profile.

See Supported Games & Platforms below for a list that are supported by the Twitch App.

Note: If you turn on Friend Sync and sync your friends, then you tie your identities from the supported platforms or games to your Twitch App account. Please consider whether you wish to remain anonymous when using this feature.

How does it Work?

When you open the Twitch App for the very first time, the process begins by asking you whether you want the Twitch App to enable Friend Sync.

When prompted, you have the option to enable Friend Sync. If you choose not to, you can still do so later. See the Friend Sync Settings for that.

Note: The Twitch App does not enable Friend Sync until you choose to do so.

If you decide to use the Friend Sync feature, the Twitch App will make a scan, for example, of your machine’s memory, to determine whether you have any identities associated with the Twitch App’s supported games or platforms. The Friend Sync feature does not read or use user login credentials such as your passwords or login tokens. It only looks for certain information on specific games, and, again, only after you enable the feature.

Once found, you will be prompted to confirm whether the identities found are indeed yours and whether you want to display them on your profile.

Displaying identities on your profile lets your friends know it's you on the Twitch App and what other games you play so they can find you there to play. To show your games on your profile, you need to enable the Friend Sync so that the games and/or characters can be found.

Once you confirm an identity as yours, then that identity gets sent to Twitch’s servers in order to locate your friends who are associated with that particular identity and sync them to your Twitch App account.

If you do not want to sync an identity, for example, because it’s not yours, then you can click the close button or cancel. Friend Sync will not tie that identity or any friends from the game or platform to the Twitch App. You can change your mind by visiting Friend Sync Settings.

Any information retrieved as part of the Friend Sync process is stored locally on your computer until you confirm the specific identity is you. Only then does that information get sent from your computer to Twitch’s servers.

Friend Sync Settings

For many of these you will need to go into your Settings. This is fairly easy to do.

In the Twitch App click on the ≡ icon; then select File from the options in the menu.

Next, click on the Settings option.

The locate the Friend Sync option from the menu.

If you want to use Friend Sync, then make sure it is toggled on. This makes the toggle purple.

If you no longer wish to no use the feature you can toggle it off. This will make the toggle gray and faded.

Synced Identities

To display your games and characters on your profile, you will need to enable Friend Sync.

If you have your Twitch App account synced to your World of Warcraft characters and to your League of Legends account, then friends from WoW can look up your WoW characters to send you a Twitch App friend request and your LoL friends can look you up by your LoL account to send you a friend request. This makes it tons easier for your friends to find you based on the name they are familiar with.

Adding Identities

When the Twitch App sees that you are in game it will ask if you sync your profiles with a friendly little popup.

If you Cancel or toggle it off, but later want to add it, don’t worry you can.

Go into your Friend Sync section of the Settings. Click on the DECLINED tab.

Now locate the Game Identity that you want to sync back to your account, and click the Sync to the right of it.

Hiding Identities

You can have Game Identities synced to your account, but not display on your profile. We get it, you don't want everyone to know you play some pink pig-tailed gnome!

Go into your Friend Sync section of the Settings. Click on the CONFIRMED tab.

Now locate the Game Identity that you want to hide from your profile, and toggle the option to the right of it so that it's a gray and faded.

Even if your Game Identity does not show up on your profile, your friends can still look up you by it. This goes for all identities except for Skype.

Removing Identities

So maybe an account gets synced to your account, and it's not yours or it's an old account you no longer play. You are able to unsync it from your account.

Go into your Friend Sync section of the Settings. Click on the CONFIRMED tab.

Now locate the Game Identity that you want to unsync from your profile, and click on the Unsync to the right of it.

This will unsync it from your account, which means it will not show up on your profile nor can people find you by using that identity in the search. It will be moved to your DECLINED tab.

Note: There is no way to permanently remove Game Identities from your account. So if you accidentally have an identity on your account, the best thing to do is decline it.

Supported Games & Platforms

So what are the supported games and platforms that the Friend Sync works with? Well, here's a list of what’s supported as of the last update of this article.

  • World of Warcraft
  • Paladins
  • Strife
  • Robocraft
  • Minecraft
  • World of Warships
  • Battle Battalions
  • League of Legends
  • Skype
  • Steam

MacOS version of Twitch App only supports Skype at this time.