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WoW Addons Sync & Settings Backup

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017 01:14PM PDT
This guide will show you the default way to use the Twitch App's Settings' Backup as well as the Addon Sync. Please read through the guide prior to starting the process to avoid any lost information.

WoW Addon Sync & Settings Backup

How to use the Twitch App to sync your WoW addons and backup your settings.

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With the Twitch App you can sync your addons between two or more computers, including Mac and Windows!


Previous Curse subscribers have this feature included and we'll be opening it up for everyone who's merged accounts in the future.


This cannot be stressed enough! Backup your addons and settings prior to doing any of this. If something is messed up; you then will have your backup to fall back on. If you do not, Twitch App Support will not be able to restore your information if something goes wrong. So BACKUP your addons and settings prior to setting up your sync. It also does not hurt to have things backed up in multiple places.

If you need assistance on backing up your addons and settings, please use the following guides:

Please make sure to use one, or all of the guides provided to backup your addons and settings before starting. We want to stress that if you lose your settings or addons while trying to setup the sync, Twitch App Support may not be able to restore the information.

Setup Sync Profile

Once you have backed up your addons and settings you should be on your "Master" computer. This is the computer that you have setup all your addons on.

Note: The "Sync" feature will sync your addons (not the settings) between multiple computers. You can set up the option to backup settings, but it does not sync them across multiple computers.

Go into the Addon section of the Twitch App and locate the Sync option in the tool bar.

You will now get a popup. Check the Enable AddonSync box.

You will now get the option to name your Sync Profile. Name it whatever you like. Then click on CREATE.

Now you will have the options for your Sync Profile.

Sync Profile - What you named your Sync Profile

Included Installs - Which computers are Synced to the Profile

Sync Option:

  • Auto Sync- Automatically sync when you launch or refresh the Twitch App
  • Auto Uninstall - Will automatically uninstall addons removed from one computer in the sync.
  • Auto Backup Addon Settings - Automatically backup your settings when you launch or refresh the Twitch App

Last Backup Date - When your addon settings were last backed up on any of your computers.

Last Synced - When your addons were last synced on any of your computers.


There are a few things that can cause the following error.

One may be that you already have a sync profile on your account using that name. Check in the drop-down under the JOIN AN EXISITING PROFILE.

Backup Addons Settings

This feature is not fully supported on macOS at this time.

This will backup and store your addons' settings to the cloud. This will not auto-sync them to another computer.

In your Sync Profile you will want to click on the BACKUP button.

You will now need to wait for the process to finish backing up. This can take a few!

If your settings were backed up you will get a notice saying such.


If you receive an error that the settings couldn't be backed up.

This can be caused by several things. One cause is if you have any other folders or files in your WTF > Account folder other than your Account(s) folder and SavedVariables folder. If you have used junctions on your folders this can also prevent the backup from working (people with multiple accounts may do this).

Sync With Another Computer

Once you have created your Sync Profile it should sync for the first time. Log out of the Twitch App on your "Master" computer, and log into the Twitch App on your "Slave" computer. If you were already logged in, on your "Slave" computer, logout (not exit) and shut down the Twitch App, and restart it.


Make sure you are logging into the exact same Twitch account between your two computers.
You only need one Twitch account.

When you go to the addon section you should have 3 options. You will want to choose the SYNC ADDONS option.

Once again you will want to Enable AddonSync.

Next, locate your Sync Profile from the drop-down list. This is what you had named previously. Then click on JOIN.

You will now get an option to DOWNLOAD your Addons from Cloud or UPLOAD those from your computer. If you are wanting to sync your addons you had just uploaded from your "Master" computer you will want to DOWNLOAD to your "Slave" computer.

You may see your addon list populating behind. You will see that the LAST SYNC was today as you just synced them.


The Twitch Addon Sync does not automatically sync addon settings; only addons. The Backup feature will only automatically backup your settings to the cloud for safe storage. You will need to click on the RESTORE button after you have synced your addons to the "Slave" computer for your addon settings to be put on your "Slave" computer as well.