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Guide to Focusing on Addons & Mods

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2018 11:14PM PDT
Assistance in setting up the Twitch App if you are only looking for Mod/Addons management. This guide will walk you through the features to focus on your mods/addons management.

Guide to Focusing on Addons & Mods

Quick overview of the settings to make your Twitch App focused on addon/mod management.

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The Twitch App comes with many new features, but we know that not everyone wants all the extra bells and whistles. So to help you limit the Twitch App to addon/mod Management as much as possible we've written up this guide for you.

Addons at Launch

This article will assist you with skipping past the social aspect of the Twitch App and going directly to your addons.

In the Twitch App head over to the Mods section, and select World of Warcraft.

Now click on the (hamburger) in the upper left corner of your addons page.

From the drop down menu click on File > Settings, or CTRL + ,.

Select the GENERAL tab then scroll to SHOW MY ADDONS AT LAUNCH. Make sure this is toggled so it is on if you want it to launch directly to your addons, and greyed out if you want to launch to the original landing page.

Click DONE, and the next time you launch the Twitch App it will take you directly to your addons!

Friend Sync

The Twitch App allows you to control if you want it to sync your friends' list from other platforms such as Skype,, Steam, etc. with your Contact List in the Twitch App.

For this, you need to locate the Friend Sync Settings section in your Settings (the cogwheel icon in the lower left corner of the app) in the Friend Sync settings.

If this option is turned on it will sync game identities and other friends lists. Note that you will need to login to the account and/or characters you're syncing with the Twitch App running in order for it to be found by our system.

Private Messages

Some people wish to not receive messages from complete strangers. While other people do not mind. Because of this, the Twitch App gives you the option to select who you receive messages from.

You will want to toggle this on if you wish not to receive whispers (private messgaes) from people you don't follow or are firends with.

Disable Friend Requests

Whether you want to keep your friends list small to people you know, or allow anyone who uses the Twitch App to friend you -- we allow you the option to select whichever works best for your needs.

You get three options:

Anyone - this allows any Twitch App user to send you a friend request.

Friends of friends - this allows only people you share a mutual contact with to send you a request.

No one - prevents anyone from sending you a friend request.

Disable In-Game Activity

One of the greatest things about the Twitch App is how it works with games. This is one such feature. It broadcasts to your contact list the game you are currently logged into by adding the game's icon next to your name or showing a status of which Streamer you are watching.

In some cases you may not want to display this. We get it! So you can toggle this option on or off.

Red means it hides the status, and green means it displays.

Disable Overlay

Another great thing about the Twitch App is its integration with many games. This allows you to have who you are chatting with in the Twitch App displayed in-game with you without having to alt-tab out.

The controls you need right at your finger tips!

When in a group call you will see tabs of who is also in the call session.

Disable Auto Match

Auto matching allows you to automatically join other Twitch users in matches, PUGs, or other group game play without having to share personal information.

Having this feature turned on will auto-match you with other Twitch App users in your raid/groups/team if the game allows it.