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Deep Virus Scan

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018 01:02PM PDT
A basic run through of how to check your computer for little nasties that may be causing issues with your Twitch App.

Deep Virus Scan

A basic run through of how to check your computer for little nasties that may be causing issues with your Twitch App.

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It may be suggested that you to run a virus scan on your computer, but in many cases - you may need to do a deep scan on your system to make sure there aren't any little nasties hiding out that might be causing issues. As many basic antivirus software is not able to scan for all types of malicious programs.


When dealing with viruses, or malware there are some dangers involved that can include loss of data, to corruption of the OS. These dangers can take place from the virus, malware, etc. itself or even during the removal process. Though in most cases it is rare, there is still a chance. If you have important information, you may want to back it up to an external system prior to starting this if you decide to continue.

Some malware may take multiple steps to resolve, or in the worst case, reloading/reformatting your system entirely. We can't stress enough the importance of backing up any data you don't want to lose. Whatever your method, it is an important step to do this before beginning any malware fix. It is also important to perform everything in the order listed. Sometimes one step requires the previous one.

Important: Make sure you read through everything prior to starting so you know what to do. You may want to print out the instructions as there are several times you will have to reboot.

Do not run any of these at the same time. Run each individually as they may interfere with each other.


Please note that some of the steps in this article may cause damage to information and/or the operation of your computer if performed incorrectly. If, at any point, you don't understand or are confused, please stop and ask a computer professional. You are undertaking these steps at your own risk, so please be careful!

PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Program, is a program that may be unwanted, despite the possibility that users consented to download it. This can include spyware, adware, and dialers, and are often downloaded in conjunction with a program that the user wants. Usually from sites when using their "Quick - Recommended" installs.

Microsoft Safety Scanner

  • Download Microsoft Safety Scanner.
  • Double click on the msert file and allow to run.
  • Select Full Scan, and let it scan.

As stated when selecting this scan it can take a few hours. So it's best to run this when you are not going to be using your machine extensively.

MalwareBytes Anti-Rootkit

  • Download Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit.
  • Double click on the MBAR file and allow it to run.
  • Click OK on the next screen, to allow the package to extract the contents of the file to its own folder named mbar.
  • mbar.exe will launch automatically. On some systems, this may take a few extra seconds. Please be patient and wait for the program to open.
  • After reading the Introduction, click Next if you agree.
  • On the Update Database screen, click on the Update button.
  • Once you see "Success: Database was successfully updated" click on Next, then click the Scan button.

With some infections, you may see two messages boxes:

  1. "Could not load protection driver". Click OK.
  2. "Could not load DDA driver". Click Yes on this message, to allow the driver to load after a restart. Allow the computer to restart. Continue with the rest of these instructions.

If malware is found, do NOT press the Cleanup button when the scan completes. Click EXIT.


  • Download AdwCleaner.
  • Close all open programs and internet browsers, then double-click on the AdwCleaner icon.
  • When the AdwCleaner program opens, click on the Scan button.
  • Let that scan for malicious files. When it has completed click on the Clean button.
  • AdwCleaner will now prompt you to save any open files or documents, as the program will need to reboot the computer. Please do so and then click on the OK button.

MalwareBytes Junkware Removal

  • Download Junkware Removal Tool.
  • Shut down your protection software now to avoid potential conflicts.
  • Once Junkware Removal Tool has finished downloading, double-click on the JRT.exe. If Windows prompts you as to whether or not you wish to run Junkware Removal Tool, please allow it to run.
  • Junkware Removal Tool will now start, and at the Command Prompt, you’ll need to press any key to perform a scan for the Level Quality Watcher.

Please be patient as this can take a while to complete (up to 10 minutes) depending on your system’s specifications.

  • When the scan Junkware Removal Tool will be completed, this utility will display a log with the malicious files and registry keys that were removed from your computer.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

  • Download MalwareBytes Free Version.
  • Once downloaded, close all programs, then double-click on the icon named mbam-setup-consumer-2.xx.xx to start the installation of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.
  • When the installation begins, you will see the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Setup Wizard which will guide you through the installation process.
  • Once installed you will run MBAM. You will see a message stating that you should update the program, and that a scan has never been run on your system. To start a system scan you can click on the Fix Now button.
  • Let that scan for malicious files. Click on the Quarantine All button, and then click on the Apply Now button.
  • When removing the files, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware may require a reboot in order to remove some of them.

If it displays a message stating that it needs to reboot your computer, please allow it to do so. If you have to reboot, once you have rebooted run another scan with MBAM to verify that there are no remaining threats.

Hitman Pro

  • Download Hitman Pro.
  • Double-click on the file named HitmanPro.exe (for 32-bit versions of Windows) or HitmanPro_x64.exe (for 64-bit versions of Windows).
  • During the install check No, I only want to perform a one-time scan to check this computer. and click Next
  • HitmanPro will now begin to scan your computer for malicious files.
  • When it has finished it will display a list of all the malware that the program found. Click on the Next button.
  • If it asks you will need to click on the Activate free license button to begin the free 30 day trial, and remove all the malicious files from your computer.


This is an optional step.

  • Download herdProtect Portable.
  • Double-click on the icon named herdProtectScan_Portable.
  • Allow it to install in the location you want.
  • Once installed, allow it to run.

This can take awhile so please be patient.


If you don't have an antivirus program on your computer Avast is a fairly good one. There is also MSE for Vista, Win7, Win8, and Win10.  We see very few issues with these AV programs and the Twitch App.

  • Run and update your antivirus definitions.
  • Do a deep scan (not a fast or simple depending on the AV) this can take up to an hour or so.
  • Once it has finished have it remove any remaining malicious files.
  • Reboot again


  • Check your OS for any updates and update any that may be there.
  • Check your Java and Flash this site should tell you if you are up to date with your Java and Flash.
  • Check your browsers and any browser addons/extensions for updates.
  • Reboot following any install.