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Specific Errors in the Twitch App

Last Updated: May 25, 2017 11:40AM PDT
This is some of the common errors with the Twitch App and some resolutions for how to resolve them.

Specific Errors with the Twitch App

Shows how to setup some of the more commonly used feature settings for Addons and Mods in the Twitch App.

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With the Twitch App you can customize how you would like the Twitch App to handle your addon and mod experience. This is a collection of some of the most common settings and customization options.

Common troubleshooting steps

These are common troubleshooting steps for ERROR 102, 118, 130, 138, 312, 324, 354, 108, and Connection Timeout.

Proxy Software

If you have proxy software setup (if you're using a work computer, school, etc.). You may want to try from another computer without the proxy, or if you can try turning it off and testing it.

Parental Software

Your computer may have parental software installed. You may want to try from another computer without the software, or if you can try turning it off and testing it.

Security Software

If you have an antivirus, malware program, or firewall it could be blocking the Twitch App as a false positive. This is very common and is the cause of most issues we see.

If it does work, add an exception for twitch.exe and twitchui.exe to allow it to run with your security software turned on.

Make sure that your copy of the Twitch App is from or if you received a link directly from a verified Twitch agent.

Once you have made sure you have a legitimate copy of the Twitch App, try temporarily disabling your security software to see if it is causing the issue.

Malicious Software

These errors can also be caused by malware, viruses, or other malicious software on your computer. We suggest doing a thorough scan of your system to check for any nasties.

LAN Settings

This is a simple process.

  • Click Start > Run (or Windows Key + R)
  • Type inetcpl.cpl and click OK.
  • Click the Connections tab.
  • Click the LAN settings button.
  • If any items on this window are checked, uncheck them.
  • Click OK to close any open windows and restart your computer.

Try Rebooting

Try rebooting your computer. Sometimes things are installed, uninstalled, or updated and a reboot is needed to complete some process steps.

Additional Steps for ERROR 118

These are some other causes for the ERROR 118.

Older/Slower Computer

If this is the case there isn't much we can do to assist you.

Extra Programs

If you have extra programs running you may not need right now; try shutting them down.

Additional Steps for ERROR 138 or 324

These are some other causes for the ERROR 138 or 324.


Try hitting F5 while you are focused on the Twitch App window. This will refresh it for you.

Clear Cookies

Try cleaning out your cookies in your browsers.

Additional Steps for ERROR 354

These are some other causes for the ERROR 324.

Alternate Installer

Try using our alternative installer as that may help. You can find our alternative installer. You may need to uninstall the Twitch App if it is already installed.

After installing restart your computer and see if the Twitch App is working for you now.

Beta Version

Try the Beta version of the Twitch App. Bug fixes get pushed there first, so a solution may have already been released and is being QA'd. You can change it via the Twitch App, or if you are experiencing issues installing, can use the [LINK] Beta Installer.

After installing restart your computer and see if the Twitch App is working for you now.

Detected Critical Issues

The Twitch App can detect some critical issues. When an error occurs you will see a notice on the HELP icon (the "?" in the lower left corner of the purple bar).

When you click on the HELP icon it will take you to the Help section where you will want to click on VIEW NOW.

If there is a specific solution to the critical error, it should inform you -- but don't forget to try the common solutions above.

Compatibility Error

To disable compatibility mode; right click on the Twitch icon. Then click Properties.

Select the Compatibility tab, and make sure all options are disabled.



The Compatibility tab may look a bit different depending on which version of Windows you are running.

Click on the OK option and try again.

Overlay Hook Failure

A possible cause is another overlay program interfering with our hooking process.

If you are running another overlay program such as, but not limited to:

  • Raptr
  • Overwulf
  • OBS
  • Discord (with overlay enabled)

Try exiting them completely (or disabling the overlay) and running the Twitch App again to see if there is any change.

Elevation Failure

UAC Prompt

If the game you're playing is currently running as administrator and the Twitch App is not, you will get a UAC prompt asking for permission to elevate the Twitch App further.

You will get the Elevation Failure error message if you reject the UAC prompt by clicking No.

The easy solution is to click Yes when the prompt appears, or to lower the priority of the game being played.

Game in Admin Mode

You may have a game set to run as administrator without knowing it. The best way to check is to right-click your game's icon. Then select Properties.

Go to the Compatibility Tab. Make sure the Run as Administrator option is disabled.

Then click on the OK and try again.

Visual Issues

White Screen

If you are experiencing the Twitch App opening to just a blank white window this guide will provide you with a few things to try and see if we can get it working for you.

This is what you may be seeing if your Twitch App is opening to a blank white window.

Please try the options from the common solutions above in this order first

  • Security Software
  • Alternate Installer
  • Beta Version
Shut down the Twitch App . Then follow our Software Rendering Mode guide. Now restart the Twitch App, and see if that resolves the issue for you.

Help & Contact

If nothing above works please submit a bug report and a ticket. If you already have a ticket in please attach your Twitch App logs and connection information to the ticket, as well as submit a bug report.