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Guide to the Discover Directory

Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016 07:04AM PDT

Guide to the Discover Directory

This article explains what the Discovery directory is, how to use it, and answers some frequently asked questions.

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The Discover Directory is the new home for recommended content on Twitch - a new way to browse live channels and find similar content to what you already enjoy.

Who can see and use the Discovery directory?
The Discover Directory is not yet available to all users. We are still testing and making updates that will help viewers find interesting content quickly and easily. We will gradually release the Discover Directory to more users as we continue to improve the feature. Those who have access will see a directory tab on the left navigation bar:


How does the Discovery feature know what to recommend?
These recommendations are automated based on viewing behavior across Twitch. Access to the Discover Directory is also based on each user’s viewing history. The feature will only be shown to users who have a rich enough viewing history to generate multiple, high-quality recommendations.

How can the Discovery directory help me grow as a broadcaster?
The Discover Directory currently shows Live Channel recommendations based on the Channels a user has previously watched:


A header at the top of each set of recommendations indicates which channel the recommendations are based on. That channel has to have been watched by a user for a significant amount of time in order to become the basis for a set of recommendations, and each set of recommended channels has a high amount of overlapping viewership with the channel in the header.

The recommendations a user sees might be completely new, or might include channels that have been watched previously. The intention is to surface content users may not otherwise think to check out. This way, your channel might be seen by new eyes simply due to how your content relates to other broadcasters on Twitch!