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How to Broadcast Xbox One Games

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2016 04:58PM PDT

How to Broadcast Xbox One Games

This article explains how to broadcast from Xbox One and provides other useful tips.

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With Twitch on Xbox One, you can broadcast and watch your favourite games live. Click here to learn about watching broadcasts on the box One.

When broadcasting via your Xbox One you can:
  • Start a broadcast with just two words, "Xbox Broadcast."
  • Position your Kinect Camera to suit the game you’re playing.
  • See what your viewers are saying with a full chat experience.
  • Fans of your broadcast can play with you by sending a party request.
Below is a quick video showing you some of the features of the Twitch broadcasting app for Xbox One and how it is integrated into the system.

To get the app:

  1. On your Xbox One, download the Twitch app by navigating to Store on the home screen
  2. Then select Apps
  3. Search for "Twitch" and choose Get it free

To broadcast on the Xbox app (do not worry, this process is only for the first time set up):
  1. First, ensure you have an existing Twitch account and are logged into Twitch on your PC or mobile device (if you do not have an account, you can create one for free)
  2. Open the Twitch app on your Xbox One
  3. Select Log In
  4. Visit on your PC or mobile device and enter the 6-digit code on your Xbox app, which links your Twitch account to your Xbox Live gamertag
  5. Under Profile, ensure your presence is set to Online (if this is not done, no one will be able to see your broadcast)


  6. In Settings under Privacy and online safety, ensure "See if you're online" is set to Everybody and "Broadcast gameplay" is set to Allow
  7. In Settings under Preferences, ensure "Allow broadcasts and Game DVR uploads" is checked
  8. In Settings under Kinect, make sure the option to “Share content made using Kinect” is set to Allow
  9. When you launch the twitch app to broadcast for the first time on Xbox one, Twitch automatically performs a quick test of your network quality to determine the best bitrate that your network can handle (you can manually select a different bitrate quality anytime, or run a new test to have a recommended setting decided for you)
  10. Once the quality test is complete, choose whether to enable picture in picture with Kinect, and select which corner of the video screen your picture in picture appears, so that no important game UI is covered up from your viewers' perspective (since every game displays UI differently)


  11. Select "Enable Kinect" if you want viewers to see you
  12. Also, select "Enable Microphone" if you want viewers to hear you
  13. You can also set your microphone volume in relation to your game audio
  14. Lastly, you can choose to see your chat on screen, to the right of your game feed, or choose a fullscreen game view with your chat view minimized by using the Snap option from the home menu
  15. Give your broadcast a name in the Broadcast Title window and select the game you would like to livestream
  16. Finally, select Start Broadcast

In the future, you do not need to manually open the Twitch app to start broadcasting, as saying "Xbox, Broadcast" to your Kinect during any play session will also open the streaming widget.
You cannot broadcast without first launching a game, so you must be playing a game to start your broadcast.

Best Practices and Troubleshooting Tips

A wired connection is better than a wireless connection.

Xbox Live Reputation
Your account must be in good standing (i.e. not have reputation that is too low).

Privacy Settings
You must be signed in with Adult privacy settings (i.e. all settings set to Allow and Everybody). Make sure there are no Child profiles signed in when trying to broadcast.

For more Troubleshooting tips, see this article.