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HTML5 Video Player FAQ

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2016 03:49PM PDT

HTML5 Video Player FAQ

This article explains what the HTML5 Video Player is, how to use it, and other useful information.

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Twitch uses HTML5 for the video player, which lets you watch the same streams you love with a smoother experience. With HTML5 you will see more consistent delivery of high frame-rates, and longer viewing sessions, thanks to HTML5 being easier on your CPU. However, if for whatever reason you wish to opt out of the player, this article can help you.
Sharing feedback is the best way to help us catch any bug or issue you might come across! See the bottom of this article for instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I turn the HTML5 Video Player on and off?
    • A: Once you have access to the HTML5 Player, follow these steps to turn on the HTML5 video player:
      1. Click the gear icon on the video player to open the Video Options menu.
      2. Use the HTML5 Video Player toggle to manage your settings.



Share Feedback

The link to share feedback can be found on the Player Options menu beneath the HTML5 Video Player toggle. This link is only visible to logged in users with access to the HTML5 Video Player.