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How to use Channel Feed

Last Updated: May 03, 2017 01:40PM PDT

How to use the Channel Feed

This article explains how to use the Twitch Channel Feed feature and tips for success.

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Channel Feed is a tool for broadcasters to interact with their followers in new and meaningful ways. It is a personal feed of updates on their Twitch channel page where broadcasters can post content to all of their audience and viewers can engage with their great content on the go. Using text, videos, images, and links to connect with their audience, broadcasters can grow their audience and engage with their followers even when they are not broadcasting, as Channel Feed posts also feed into Pulse.

What is Channel Feed?
We know how important it is for broadcasters to communicate with users, and Channel Feed will make it easier than ever. Your Channel Feed is a customizable space on your Channel Page where you can easily share important news, announcements, and anything else you think is relevant to your community. This keeps your channel page fresh with new content and communicates relevant information with other users without cluttering your channel title or having a chatbot repeat the information. You can also use your Channel Feed to distribute updates through other social media and into your follower's homepages via Pulse.

How is this different from Pulse?
Channel Feed and Pulse are different ways of sorting posts. The Channel Feed which is located on the Channel Page, only shows content that the broadcasters has posted. Pulse, however, is an always-on aggregation of posts that are created by everyone who you are Friends with or Follow, and the consolidated view of these posts will now be found on your homepage. The Channel Feed feature will continue to be developed in parallel to Pulse and all new Pulse features will become available in Channel Feed.

How will I be notified of reactions to posts?
While on the website, users will receive notifications in the Navigation Toolbar in the top-right portion of the screen. There will also be email digests of this interaction activity. These notifications will be grouped in batches, as to not overwhelm users with too many notifications.

Why did posts on Channel Feed and Pulse replace the auto-generated go-live Tweets?
We have found the best way to support your channel with Twitter is posting high quality content. Now with Channel Feed and Pulse posts, that is easier than ever. You can post a fully custom go-live Tweet right from your channel page, dashboard, or homepage.

The legacy auto-generated go-live Tweets simply are not great content. Our testing shows they have poor engagement compared to posts, meaning less of your Twitter followers actually end up tuning into your stream.

A few things to remember:
  • All content in Channel Feed posts is subject to Twitch Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. All broadcasters are responsible for the content that appears in their posts.
  • Reactions to posts are also subject to moderation. In addition to Twitch moderation, the broadcaster, channel moderators and editors can delete comments or timeout, and report users for inappropriate responses. Broadcasters can limit who can comment on posts via their settings page.
  • Posting something longer than 140 characters and sharing to Twitter will result in a truncated message that, if clicked on Twitter, will simply link back to the full post on your channel.

How to Use on Web

On web, posting to your channel feed is easy:
  1. Simply head to your dashboard, Pulse on your home page, or if you are on your channel page, locate the Channel Feed area on the left, under your player window

    Create your post, which can include links, videos (Vimeo, YouTube, & Twitch), images, & GIFs (Imgur & Gfycat) along with any comments (which can now support non-English characters) and hit Post

  2. To share your post simultaneously via your Channel Feed with Twitter, click Connect to Twitter (the tweet will also automatically link right back to your channel)

Note: Posts to your Channel Feed immediately appear on the Pulse feeds of your friends and followers.

Made a mistake? You can delete your post anytime by clicking the cog in the top right of the post:


Users can add emoticon reactions and comments, which can also be reacted to with emoticons:

If you wish to curate who can comment on your feed, you can do so by following these steps:
  1. Navigate to the Channel & Videos tab of your Settings page and then scroll down to Activity Feed
  2. Choose to disable or enable all comments on Channel Feed posts, which hides all current comments and prevents new comments when disabled.
  3. Choose who can comment on your Channel Feed posts by limiting access to friends, followers, and subscribers (if applicable) only. All comments for Followers, Subscribers, and Friends are enabled by default. You can change these settings at any time. Comments can be made on both browser and mobile app versions.


  4. You can also now reshare other content onto your own channel feed. When you click the reshare button on a post you see in your Pulse feed, it will place that content in your Channel feed for your followers to see on their Pulse.
    If AutoMod is enabled for Chat, it will also be enabled to comments on posts. Moderators can allow or deny comments that AutoMod surfaces.

    Hover over the post until a gear icon appears in the top right. Select the gear, then choose report, selecting the corresponding reason from the dropdown and then clicking Report.


      You can also share content from the feeds of others, which will sohw on your Pulse feed! By clicking on the reshare button on the bottom right corner below the post, the post will appear on the Pulse feeds of your friends and followers in addition to your Channel Feed.

    As a confirmation that the post was reshared, the button changes from purple to green. On Pulse feeds of your friends & followers, your username appears at the top of the reshared post to provide context. When the reshared post appears in Pulse, users can follow the original poster.

    How to Use on Mobile

    1. In the left menu bar, tap to your Twitch ID and Channel Feed will be the first tab selected. You will be ready to post!
    2. Create your post, which can include links, videos (Vimeo, YouTube, & Twitch), images, & GIFs (Imgur & Gfycat) along with any comments (which can now support non-English characters) and hit Post  
    3. In addition to syncing your post with Twitter, on mobile you can also easily share to any app that supports sharing on iOS or Android (just tap the share icon and reach your community on any other platform)

    Made a mistake? You can delete your post anytime by tapping on the post and then tapping the trash bin icon in the top right. You get an extra prompt just in case you touch the trash bin by accident. Tap yes to delete.