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Creative Commissions

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2016 07:05PM PDT

Creative Commissions Beta

This article explains how to use the Creative commissions feature on creative partnered channels and answers frequently asked questions.

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Creative broadcasters are already using Twitch as a way to sell their art and find new commissions; we want to make the process easier for everyone. For gaming broadcasters looking to improve the production value of their channel, there are artists creating unique emotes, overlays, animations and panels. This new feature is an open beta experiment that will continually be developed from feedback from our broadcasters and users.

If you are a partner broadcasting on Twitch Creative, you now have access to a commission button. The button will appear on your page under the video and will allow for a private conversation about commissioning art through the whisper system. Before the conversation starts, there will be a customizable panel informing the viewer on your commission process. You can edit the info that appears when a user clicks on the commission button, providing the media, prices, dimensions, shipping info, or whatever details you want to include. When you are accepting commissions, you can also use the hashtag #commission in your title to show you are open for business!

This feature is still in development, so please feel free to leave feedback. If you have any questions about Twitch Creative, you can read our general Creative FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I hire someone via the commission button?
    • A: Click the "Commission" button next to the "Subscribe" button under the broadcast window, found on a Creative partner's channel page. Then click "Ok" to begin a whisper commission conversation with the broadcaster. Now you can arrange your commission with the creator!

  • Q: How do I turn on my commission button?
    • A: As a partner, you can turn the button on and off in the dashboard under "Partner Settings" if your current game is set to Creative. When you turn on commissions, make sure you have whispers on to allow for the conversation to take place.
  • Q: How are payments processed? How much of a cut does Twitch take?
    • A: There are no payments processed through the commission button. Currently, the button is a way to start a conversation about commissions and we do not take a cut from any transactions that might occur through this.
  • Q: Why use the whisper system? Why not use direct messages?
    • A: Whispers are a system which gives the broadcaster a direct connection to the viewer live or they can access the messages when they are able to at a later time. We are listening and appreciate all feedback on this feature and will think about implementing it for direct messages.
  • Q: Why is there a limit on text that you can place in the box?
    • A: Though there are limitations on the amount of text you can put in the commission box in this version, we are actively developing the feature to meet our users needs.