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Twitch HTTPS Site Upgrades

Last Updated: Sep 07, 2016 05:12PM PDT

Twitch HTTPS Site Upgrades

This article explains what to look for and how to better understand HTTPS security and its value.

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As part of the ongoing work to make Twitch better, the content portions of the Twitch website are being updated to be served over HTTPS. Going forward, this allows for better, more seamless ways to access your Settings and Payments options, which are currently hosted on

Like many of the projects at Twitch, the transition to HTTPS will be approached in stages, applying the update first to most of the page content, like static content, Chat, and Whispers, and eventually rolling it out to live and recorded video as well. Read below to learn how this update will affect your experience using Twitch.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What parts of the site were already being served over secure connections?
    • A: Everything hosted at is already secure. That includes all of your payments for subscriptions and account settings, like your profile details, channel settings, connected accounts, notification preferences and more.
  • Q: What parts of the site are not being updated to HTTPS at this time?
    • A: The update does not yet apply to live or recorded video content.
  • Q: Why am I seeing warnings on my web browser about mixed content on Twitch?
    • A: Some content on the site, like video, is not yet completely secure. As a result of different content on Twitch having different levels of security applied, certain browsers will display alerts when you visit Twitch. As long as you see HTTPS in the address bar, your overall browsing experience is subject to increased security. To learn more about mixed content warnings, these resources are a good place to start: Ars Technica, ZDNet.
  • Q: What do the mixed content warnings look like?
    • A: Here is what the content warnings look like for each browser:
For Google Chrome:

For Mozilla Firefox:

For Internet Explorer:

For Safari:

  • Q: I use one of the browsers listed above, but I have not seen a mixed content warning/my mixed content warning looks different. Is my Twitch experience still secure?
    • A: If you see HTTPS in your browser’s address bar, you are using the updated version of the site. This is a gradual roll-out, so if you have not seen a browser notification already, you may still see one later, and some users may not see them at all.